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Are you a HideoutTV Powerwatcher? You could earn up to 10% more!

If you’re a regular user of HideoutTV, whether through Swagbucks, InstaGC, Keep Rewarding or any other GPT site, it’s worth reading on, as Powerwatching could earn you up to 10% more points!

Here’s what HideoutTv say about Powerwatching in their blog:

What is Power Watching?

Power Watching is the practice of watching videos on in a fully-engaged fashion. Essentially, you’re sitting down to watch free from distractions, actively watching while also following all of the “Do’s and Don’ts” listed in our “ Do’s and Don’ts” article.

What are the Benefits of Power Watching?

Besides getting more enjoyment out of content, you’ll earn up to 10% more rewards by Power Watching.

I Want to Earn More Points. How Do I Know I Power Watch?

Earning more points at by Power Watching is easy. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log into and get comfortable
  2. Pick a channel and start watching
  3. Make sure to actively watch and pay attention to the content (Minimize distractions, keep browser window fully open, keep sound on, etc.). Be sure to follow all of the DO’s and Dont’s as well.
  4. Monitor your points often. If you’re starting to earn less points per view, you may not be actively watching.
  5. The more you focus on, and actively watch, the more you’ll earn.

It’s that simple to Power Watch.

So, in short, it’s nothing new to what they were wanting you to do anyway – keep tab or window live, sound on and pay attention – just they’re now giving more points (or fewer points to those who don’t) than before! One of the changes this has brought about is more people are seeing parts of a point (eg 36.4 or 153.8) in their totals, which hasn’t been the case before.

Let us know in the Facebook group if your daily points have changed at all!



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