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Have you checked out CreatorADay on HideoutTV yet?

If you’re a regular user of HideoutTV, whether through Swagbucks, InstaGC, Keep Rewarding or any other GPT site, you may have noticed a new channel called CreatorADay and wondered how it works.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get between 10 (Swagbucks) to 20 (Keep Rewarding) points per day extra with very little effort.

Before you start

Log in to the site that you want to earn points for and navigate to HideoutTV. This won’t work if you go directly through HideoutTV as the points don’t accrue to your redeemableb alance there, they are added directly to your balance on the site you use.

So, on Swagbucks it’s under the AdscendMedia Discover wall, on InstaGC it’s under ‘Recommended’ and on Keep Rewarding it’s on the ‘Earn’ page under ‘HideoutTV’. I’m going to use InstaGC as a reference for this post as that’s where I tend to use HideoutTV, but you can apply these steps to any of the sites you use once you have located the HideoutTV ‘wall’.

Click on the CreatorADay option

This will open the CreatorADay popup which will look like this:

The points value will vary depending on which site you are using. This is InstaGC where I will get 3.5 points per cycle. On Swagbucks it will say 2SB, on Keep Rewarding (the highest paying) it will say 4 points. It’s up to you which site you use, I use InstaGC as I make more money there than other sites I use so it makes sense for me to add these points to my balance.

Run the videos 

Click on the points value and the videos will open up in a new tab or window.

Please note: You will have to click on play in order to start the cycle.

Then all you have to do is wait until the 5 videos and associated ads have run.

It’s worth noting that the window needs to be active for this to work, otherwise you will get an inactivity warning. I achieve this by running HideoutTV on my second monitor on my setup but I would imagine you could split screen your laptop or phone and it would achieve the same thing. Or just leave it to run and go grab a coffee or do something else for a while 🙂

Claim your points

At the end of the 5 videos, you will see a bar at the top of the last video encouraging you to complete your offer:

Another thing to note is that once you have claimed your points, HideoutTV will continue playing as normal – it WON’T just go back to the offer.

Close down that tab, go back to the page on which you started, and click on the offer again:

You can run this offer 5 times a day. Although it will let you run it a sixth / seventh / eighth time, you won’t be credited for it – trust me I tried 🙂

Check your points are there

Here are mine after running the channel 3 times:

After running the channel 5 times (I usually do this really early in the morning to get it out of the way, I left it later today in order to write this post) just carry on running HideoutTv in your usual way.

Is it worth it?

Only you can tell. It could tie up your screen for a little while unless you have a workaround (split screen, second monitor, second device etc.) but it really depends on how many points you make in general from HideoutTV.

On InstaGC I make 17.5 points (and 5 bonus points) per cycle in less than an hour. I won’t make 17.5 InstaGC points from Hideout in that time so it’s worth it. Your HideoutTV may be running better than mine and you’ll make a lot more than you will from running this channel, in which case it’s not worth it to you.

Only you can decide – why not come and let us know in the Facebook group whether this is a great use of HideoutTV for you?



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