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INSTANT cashback with Shop and Spend at Swagbucks!


In April, Swagbucks launched their Member Recognition Program to all members. The Program is their way to celebrate Members’ loyalty to Swagbucks, based on lifetime SB earned. 

When they first launched the Member Recognition Program, they mentioned that new benefits would be rolling out in the coming months. Well, today they’ve announced that level 6-10 members have a new exclusive benefit. 

As of today, you can now get real-time access to your pending shopping SB for transaction(s) up to 1,000 SB per month!

Topaz and Sapphire members can get access to their pending SB for one transaction that is up to 1,000 SB in value. 

Emerald members can get access to their pending Shop SB for two transactions that are up to 1,000 each. 

Ruby and Diamond members can get access to their pending Shop SB for three transactions that are up to 1,000 each. 

Here’s how it works: 

If you have pending SB head over to your Shop Ledger to find qualifying shop transactions that can be quickly unpended. Click on the “Skip The Wait!” button of the transaction that you want to unpend.

Keep in mind that it can take up to 7 days for your shop transactions to show up as pending. 

Your SB will credit within an hour of pressing “Skip The Wait!.” Once you’ve received your SB for the selected transaction, your shop ledger will change to say “Awarded.” 

If you have any questions about this or any other benefits related to the Member Recognition Program come and ask in our Facebook Group


  • Quick Unpend Benefits are awarded each month. However, you will never have more than the allotted amount per your level. For example, if you’re in level 8 and don’t use any of your unpend benefits, you will not receive additional unpend benefits for the following month. If you use all of your unpend benefits, you will receive the associated amount of unpends the next month.
  • Travel purchases are excluded.
  • This benefit applies to Offers that pend under Shop

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