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Add a Digital Mastercard into Paypal with NO FEES (and only ONE Paypal account!)

On most GPT/Survey websites, the cheapest option to get ‘cash’ is usually Digital Mastercard, which costs fewer points than Paypal – and as we all know, every penny counts!

So it makes sense to get a Mastercard, right? But what do do if you want to put the money in your Paypal account? Well thankfully, it’s easy 🙂

We’ve already shown you how to do this with two Paypal accounts, but thanks to our Facebook Group Moderator Ewelina, here’s another way that only requires one!

Here’s a step by step guide to adding your Mastercard to your Paypal account with no fees and only one Paypal account.

You will need

  1. Your Mastercard details (I am going to presume you already have your Mastercard in your Digital Wallet)
  2. A Smartphone – you can access Paypal either via the app or browser, but the way this process is done on a laptop/desktop is slightly different – this is for your mobile device.
  3. 2 email addresses, one of which isn’t linked to a Paypal account (you can set a new one up easily on Gmail if you don’t have a second one).
  4. That’s it!

Adding your Mastercard to your Paypal account with no fees

Firstly log in to your Paypal account via the app or your phone’s browser. Visit the Money section and click on the three dots at the bottom.


Here you should see the section ‘Split a bill’ 


Fill in the details on this page with the amount of money that is on your Mastercard. For email address, use the one NOT linked to your PayPal then click ‘add’ and then ‘request’. Leave the ‘include my share’ tickbox empty.

Now go to the email account NOT attached to your Paypal account and open the email from Paypal. You will have the option of  ‘login to PayPal’ or ‘pay without PayPal account’. Choose paying without PayPal and fill in the form with your MasterCard details, make sure you’re paying via Friends & Family to avoid fees

This is done slightly differently on a laptop / desktop browser, but we’ll have a blog post about this soon.

Hopefully this step by step guide has helped you to make the most of your points by cashing out to Mastercard instead of the more expensive Paypal and turning that Mastercard into Paypal cash.

Thank you to our Facebook group moderator Ewelina for putting this together. Why not thank her by using the following referral link for one of her favourite GPT sites?

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