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It’s National Comic Book Day! Brush up on some comic book facts and you could earn a Swagbucks search win!

Many people love a good comic book whether you started with The Beano, The Dandy, My Little Pony, or a different one as a child or whether you started reading them as an adult.  

If you’re anything like the GPT Genies admin team, you’re already gearing up to earn cash and vouchers ready for Christmas 2019, so hopefully we can help you on your way with a search win or two from our Comic Book facts – find out more about how our search links work here, or read on and hopefully get a Swagbucks search win along the way! Don’t forget to come and let us know in the GPT Genies Facebook group if you manage to get a win!

If you’re REALLY lucky you’ll find the 25 SB National Comic Book Day Collector’s Bill and get a 5 SB bonus!


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September 25th – National Comic Book Day

What are your favourite comic books or characters? Let us know in the comments!

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