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An Open Letter to Attest and the Enlightly App #EnlightenUsAttest

Around July 2018 I signed up to Enlightly, a smartphone app that sent you quick and easy surveys where you could earn 5p for every question answered and paid out via Paypal. This is an open letter to the creators Attest Technologies Limited.

The views expressed in this blog post are mine alone, and do not necessarily represent the view of the rest of the GPT Genies team.

Throughout the post I have included screenshots of just some of the complaints about this app in the GPT Genies Facebook group.

If you’re an Enlightly user who’s as bothered as me by the way we’ve been treated, read to the end to see how you can help spread the word.

Dear Attest,

I have been using Get Paid To sites for a few years now, and around about July last year when I heard the hype about a new app with really quick and easy surveys that paid out to Paypal I couldn’t wait to take a look.

It was a really fantastic app. All of the surveys were nice and easy in comparison to some of the lengthier surveys found on other sites. I particularly liked the fact you got 5p per question answered, so if you disqualified part way through, you still had managed to earn something.

It took a little while to reach the £5 mark to cash out, and was not one of my biggest earners, but it quickly became a favourite of mine. I decided to recommend your app to  GPT Genies Facebook group – a group I admin that currently has over 10000 members, all of whom belong to GPT sites and / or apps in the UK. A great source of new members for you, I have no doubt. People signed up and they loved your app as much as I did. They in turn encouraged others to join up, and they did.

Everything was going well, until June of this year, when all of a sudden surveys were no longer appearing in the app. As it was possible to complete Enlightly surveys through other Get Paid To sites like InstaGC and ySense I told members of the Facebook Group it was just a temporary thing and to stick with it.


Weeks went by and the surveys never came. Several complaints came up on the Facebook Group wondering when there would be more surveys. Weeks turned to months, people waited and waited but still nothing. People began to get furious, as they had no way of cashing out what they already earned until they reached the £5 mark, but with no surveys this was not going to be possible.

A poll in our Facebook Group shows that there is still quite a bit of money owed to users.

Whilst members had given up on the app and didn’t care whether or not there were surveys again, they wanted paying for the time they had spent already. I had no more answers, the only advice was for people to contact Enlightly via the web form provided within the app and on the Facebook page. Which they did, but no one ever got a reply.

I was unhappy with the lack of response from the company, so decided to look a little deeper. A quick look on Who Is showed that the Enlightly App was developed by your company, Attest Technologies Limited, and confirmed this was the company that payed me on Paypal when I cashed out.

So I then decided to look further into your company. Company house showed me that Attest are still operating and have quite a bit of money.

On top of the major brands Attest partner with for market research, you are also sponsoring things like Vue.JS London and the Drum Dadi Awards. You announced that you have been named a winner, recognising you as one of 25 top UK startups to work for.

A few quotes taken directly from the Attest website state:

“A Platform for Everyone. We work with anyone that wants to understand what makes consumers tick.”


“We’re obsessed with delivering the best, most accurate consumer data to our clients.”


“Consistent Experience. Engaged respondents give quality answers.”

The latest blog post (see here for the full article) is all about brand integrity.

I am confused as to how you can make these claims, when you clearly don’t understand your own consumer audience, and make no effort to reply to constant phone calls, emails and any other form of contact attempted to be made. You need to make more effort and practice what you preach.

I attempted to contact Attest directly and was told to send emails, and someone would ring me back, but as per usual I heard nothing.

So come on Attest ENLIGHTEN us……

Why no longer any surveys within the app, when it is possible to complete Enlightly surveys via other survey sites, like this one which I found and completed via InstaGC only a week ago.


How can users cash out the money that they have already earned within your app?



Enlightly users, what can you do? Spread this blog post wide and far – Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, comment on it. You can Tweet them with a link to this post at @AskAttest 

Send them a link via their official Facebook Page.

Contact Vue.JS London and The Drum Awards and let them know how you feel about Attest being their sponsor, considering it was money owed to you used to sponsor them. 

Let @LinkedInUK how you feel knowing Attest is considered one of the top 25 new startups.

Come join our Facebook group and discuss it there. Also add your vote to the poll letting us know how much you are owed. Make sure the word is spread about how ripped off you feel. Use the hashtag #EnlightenUsAttest so we can keep track. Maybe they’ll listen and give us what is owed to us.



  • Becky

    I am owed £4.85, I am disgusted that a company can do this to people. Yes it’s not a lot of money but they are keeping hundreds of peoples money. It is not their money it is ours and for me it’s now about the principle. I have sent emails, posted on their Facebook page and all has been ignored. What bugs me is that they are still doing surveys through other sites. They can’t and won’t get away with it. Shame on you Enlightly!

  • Carla Stevens

    They need to pay up. It’s not fair they owe us a lot of money – collectively! Why should they earn money with interest for our work and not give us anything. Makes me furious.

  • Kim

    I’m owed £3.35. It’s a joke that they gave no warning and won’t even let you get money you’ve already rightly earned but can STILL have surveys on swags/insta ect!

  • stephanie-jayne

    I’m owed £3 with Enlightly!
    Not as much as some people but i’m annoyed theirs been no update from them
    But ive noticed that when we do surveys for swagbucks, ect theirs surveys from Enlightly!.
    I think it’s totally unfair that you have not notified us on what is happening with the input we have been giving you to not be paid for it also your website states “***Your feedback is powerful. It’s time you were paid for it***.” then please stick to your word and pay what you owe.

  • Helena

    I’m owed £3.75 from them. It’s not even the money, it’s the principal. They vanished without a word. But can still give other survey sites their surveys for people to answer. It’s just not on at all. At least let people cash out what they are owed

  • Claire

    Nicely put. I downloaded the app quite late so haven’t lost any money myself but I think their behaviour is disgusting. I hope something gets sorted soon.

  • Lynda

    You know when people ask if you can actually make money online, and you say yes, they laugh and say bet you never actually get paid for it though! Hello, Enlightly is now that site!

  • Emma

    I really enjoyed using enlightly, that 5p a question just slowly totting up, used to get a little buzz when i saw new questions. How quickly you lost your good reputation, and the respect of your users; i haven’t seen a single positive comment about enlightly in months. Lets be clear no one objects to enlighty having a minimum cashout and if you choose to stop questions via the app thats your choice but pay people what they are owed first, all you need to do is to remove the minimum payment threshold. To continue to offer surveys on other platforms is rubbing peoples noses in it, even more so when you fail to answer questions from your users or even issue a general response. People have given you their time, effort and data, do the right thing and get this mess sorted.


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