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Cashback earning app Numerous – a quick FAQ

It’s October and GPTers are starting to earn for Christmas!

In this post I’d like to talk about Numerous

What is Numerous?

Numerous is a new cashback app – letting you get paid for the purchases you’d make anyway. They’re currently in beta and looking for your help to launch.

Where can I get Numerous?

You can get it on Android here

You can get it for iOS here

Use the refferal code XJFT2NFPP8 when signing up as we have £190 worth of cash prizes to be given away in October and will use this to track entry.

What do I have to do?

Once you sign up, and give some basic information, all you have to do is answer the surveys that pop up. These can be found under the ‘Build Your Profile’ section of the app.

Build your profile

Just answer the questions and your profile is built!

Add your contracts

This is the place to add your contracts for your existing providers.

How much can I earn on Numerous?

Right now, you can’t as it is still in Beta mode.  However  in the future  you will be able to, and you can build up your profile in the meantime for points. To earn points you can boost your profile by answering surveys and filling in your contracts in the brand section. The home screen will show you how many points you have earned and your current ranking.

Is there a referral scheme?

Yes simply click on ‘refer friends’. You will earn 200 points for every person you refer. For every referral who buys from a brand once the app is fully launched, you will also earn £5.

How can I contact Numerous?

You can contact them on Twitter

Or via their website

Or on Facebook

Or via the app itself

I have another question you haven’t answered!

Sorry about that, why not come and ask in our Facebook group where over 9,000 members use sites and apps such as Numerous?

Remind me again, how do I get Numerous?

You can get it on Android here

You can get it for iOS here

Don’t forget to use the refferal code XJFT2NFPP8 when signing up

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