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Find out how much you’ve ever earned on Swagbucks and how with the new Member Profile page

If you’re a stats junkie like me and the rest of the GPT Genies admin, you’re going to love this new release from Swagbucks!

Their new member profile page not only tells you how much you’ve earned since you started on Swagbucks, but HOW and where you’ve earned it!

How much has taking surveys earned you? Were all those video watches worthwhile? Are your referrals helping to boost your earnings? And while it doesn’t include everything (searches don’t seem to show in your total and it can’t tell you how much you’ve made from forums and focus groups you’ve been invited to because of a Swagbucks survey for example) it’s a nice little tool to have, even if you only look at it once. I’d wager it’s quite a motivational tool for those of us that like to see numbers grow, too.

How do i find my Member Profile Page?

Firstly, go to the Member Recogniton link in your left hand menu:

Which takes you to your Member Recognition page (not surprisingly!):

This page already tells you how many SB you’ve earned in a lifetime, and which membership level you’re at but if you click on that View Profile link up on the right (on a phone it’s below the level), a whole new set of stats open up:

Here you can see how many SB you’ve earned in various areas.

So, although my page says I have been a member since 2012, I did what a lot of us have done – came, had a look, decided it was a waste of time and left again. I didn’t come back until around December 2016 when I decided to learn more, so in just under 3 years you can see I’ve made 58,000 SB on surveys, 108,954 SB on Discover offers, 22, 563 SB on watching videos, and so on.

I’ve barely focused on Swagbucks this year, but have worked harder on getting active referrals, so the interesting stat for me is that 204,563 from referrals!

But I want to see it in £££s!

Me too! But we can’t – despite the next section showing the figures in pounds, they’re actually in USD but you can convert that yourself in Google. So lets find that dollar figure. Go back to the Member Recognition Page and make your profile public (you can make it private again afterwards):

Then back to your profile, scroll down and find your profile link and copy it:

Log out of Swagbucks and in your browser, paste in that address and your profile will show in Pounds:

Now I can see that in 2 active years and the best part of 1 year being not so active, I’ve made over $5000.

You’ll notice that the total at the top and the total at the bottom don’t quite add up – I think that this is because things such as searches (and possibly bonuses, although that could be Promotional, I’m not sure) aren’t included in this bottom total, plus the figures are rounded down to make whole numbers, plus, remember, IT’S ACTUALLY A DOLLAR FIGURE AT THE TOP, NOT A UK POUNDS ONE

The figure you need to pay attention to is the bottom right one, which is the true £ total.

Again though, the interesting figure for me is that my referrals have made me over £1600 of that! Just another reason you should be looking into a Member Referral Page!

So, if you’re not on Swagbucks, this is another great reason to join – click the image below to sign up. 

Have you checked yours out? Come and tell us how you’re doing in  Come and tell us in the Facebook group!

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