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You can now cash out any amount you’re owed on Enlightly from Attest Technologies #EnlightenUsAttest

Many of our regular readers and members of our Facebook group know that we’ve been fighting for the last few months to get Attest Technologies, owners of the Enlightly app and website, to pay their members what has been owed. Many of our 10,000 members were below the official cashout limit of £5, but still had money sitting in the app that could not be withdrawn.

While having 70p or £4.95 might not seem a lot, that’s money the users of the app and site had earned, and across tens of thousands of possible members, that’s a lot of money owed!

After many emails, filling in feedback forms and eventually phone calls that were never returned (despite promises that they would be), Admin Jenny resorted to our final option, an open letter on social media. You can read this by clicking on the image below:

So what happened next?

We tweeted the letter to Attest and their business partners – partners that Attest were paying money to and aligning their name with, who no doubt wouldn’t be happy to know that their sponsors were ripping off their members in this way.

You retweeted the message, commented on Facebook pages, emailed and spread the word.

Did Attest acknowledge the letter?

Not specifically, no. We received no messages, no emails, no calls. In short, we thought we were being ignored once again.

What happened next?

Later on the same day, Attest released this statement on their Facebook page:

We’ve made some changes to the withdrawal limit on the Enlightly app. A full explanation is below 

The short version: We messed up. We’re sorry. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It’s fixed now, and you can now withdraw any balance.

The longer version: We’ve recently become aware that a number of our Enlightly app users have been unable to withdraw account balances below the value of £5.00.

We’d like to explain what happened. We made a mistake. Our system was not able to process these transactions, because of the low value of the withdrawal requests in question. This is because the balance threshold we’d originally set for withdrawal has always been £5.00 as standard. Based on feedback from our community – a community we value and respect massively – we’re changing this.

We’ve adjusted the balance threshold to allow all users to withdraw their balance, regardless of whether or not the value is below the standard £5.00 threshold.

We’d like to apologise for the lack of communication about this with the community. It was a problem we didn’t anticipate, and that is entirely our fault. We wanted to understand the situation, and how we could make things right for our community, before addressing it.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we’ve tried to fix this as quickly as possible after we came to know about the situation. With your help, we’ve learned, and improved. Thank you. Please do go ahead and withdraw your hard-earned balance right now via the Enlightly app. Thank you again for your patience, and for your feedback.

What does this mean for users?

It means that however much you have in your Enlightly account, whether it be 20p or £4.95, you can cash it out. GPT Genies cashed out last week and received their payments within Paypal yesterday, Monday October 21st 2019.

Did Attest ‘make a mistake’?

Yes, they did. But not in the way they are claiming. Stating that they were unaware of the issue is disingenuous – we and members of our community had been making them aware for months. Ignoring us was their mistake. Hoping it would go away was their mistake. Holding on to our money was their mistake.

That said, they have owned up to the errors they made, and people are now getting paid. While it is annoying that it took going public to get a result, the fact that they’ve made a public statement admitting the problems is definitely a point in their favour.

So what happens to Enlightly now?

We don’t know. Attest are still running Enlightly surveys on other sites such as InstaGC, Swagbucks, Curious Cat etc, but the app has had none for months.

There are murmurs of them ‘making the survey experience better’ but no fixed date on this.

Simply put, we don’t know if Enlightly is dead or not, but we’re not holding out a lot of hope.

Should I delete the app?

Personally, I’d delete the app for now, especially if you need to make room for other, actual earning, apps – you can always reinstall if it comes back to life in future.

So, in summary, despite it taking a lot of effort, many months and many messages, Enlightly users can now cash out their money owed – come and let us know in the Facebook group if you’ve cashed out and received your money!

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