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Swagbucks video apps are no longer available

Please note – this is an old blog post. Swagbucks no longer offer the video apps, so any earning opportunities mentioned below are no longer viable. Please visit the GPT Genies Facebook group for any questions or updates on video apps.


It’s long been known that Swagbucks give short shrift to their mobile users: many things can only be completed with the use of a laptop or computer, if you only have a mobile phone you can’t complete the Swago board, and support for the video apps has been on the decline since as long as I can remember.

But for many iPhone and iPad users, this week has been a bit of a pain.

Early on Monday morning we started seeing posts in the GPT Genies Facebook Group that some of the video apps weren’t working on iPhones and iPads. Some people couldn’t get them to load, some couldn’t log in and others found that even though they were logged in, the apps threw them out and then refused to load.

Questions were asked on the UK Swagbucks Facebook Page, and eventually people were informed that Sportly, MovieClips and EntertainNow were no longer supported on iOS.

No advance warning, no alerts, nothing. The apps just ceased to work, leaving iOS users confused and wondering what was going on.

Now I’m an Android user, so if I still ran the apps (which I don’t very often) then I still have the full suite of video apps. But if you run the videos on an iPhone or an iPad, it seems that all you’re definitely left with is the main Swagbucks app (although it has been reported that in some cases the Lifestylz app still works…. for now).

So iOS users have gone from a possible 30ish SB a day to just 10SB. 

I know, I get that it’s just 20 cents a day, or around $6 a month, but as any GPT site user knows, with bonuses and targets, that can make a difference. And it’s not just Tesco that say “Every little helps”.

There’s no word on why this has happened, or whether the apps will return in the future, but it seems to me (and many iOS users) that Swagbucks really don’t care. Removing the app support is one thing, but not even letting people know? I guess every little DOES help – every little helps Swagbucks.

Bad form Swagbucks.

Still want to run the video apps? You could pick up a cheap Android phone – have a look at the ones we recommend.

Not happy with the changes? Go let them know on their Facebook Page – you never know, if enough of you do, it might make them think…

Pop into the GPT Genies Facebook Group and let us know your thoughts.

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