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TopCashBack – are you taking part in the latest competition?

This is a guest post from our Facebook Group Moderator Helena.

There is a new Topcashback competition on the go and you’ve either seen it mentioned in our GPTGenies Facebook group, or maybe you’re just wondering what it’s about.  So here is an explanation. 

Every so often TCB run a competition, which usually lasts around 10 days, where they give you a clue daily, which will give you the name of a retailer. You figure it out, go and search for the answer and you get the chance to win a cash prize, or an entry into their cash prize draw.

Here’s how it works. 

Firstly, if you aren’t registered with TopCashBack you can sign up here: The game needs to be played on a browser. Can be mobile or desktop. But it can’t be the app. Log into topcashback and at the bottom of the page you will see a banner. This will change slightly depending on the theme of the current competition. 

Click on the little upwards arrow to bring it up on your screen. Here you can see the rules on how to play, your current prize board, and the daily clues. At the bottom of the daily clue page, it tells you how many clues you’ve collected, so you can check whether the win you’ve collected is a clue win, or a random win, as you can sometimes win from searching random retailers also. 

When you think you have guessed the retailer, from the clue, search them in the search bar, and then click on them, see if a hummingbird comes up. If it doesn’t, you’ve guessed incorrectly. If it does, click on it, and see what you’ve won and then check the daily clue page to check it was a clue win. You can also check on our thread HERE for the answers to the clues if you get stuck.

If you manage to get a piece or all the pieces for a cash win, the money is usually in your account within 5 days. The winner of the cash prize is normally notified within 5 days of the date of the draw. 

The prizes are as follows: 1x £2,000, 10x £100, 15x£20, 45x £10, 350x £5, 4,000x £1, 5,000x £0.50, 30,000x £0.25, and 40,000 x £0.10. 

Full terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the How to Play tab.

Good Luck to everyone! And do post in the Facebook group and let us know if you manage to find a win!


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