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Track your survey site cashouts- Easy form and spreadsheet

If you’re earning money online, it’s important to track how much you’re earning.  In some countries (maybe all), you have to declare your earnings for tax purposes as it’s considered income so it’s very important to keep accurate records.

So, to help you, I’ve created a spreadsheet to keep track of what you’re earning.  It’s hosted on Google Drive so you will need a google account to use it.  The advantage of using an online spreadsheet is that you can access it from anywhere and it’s automatically saved and backed up.

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Read on to see how to copy the spreadsheet to your own Drive and how to use it.

Things to do before you start:

Sign in to Google.  You’ll be copying some documents to your Google Drive and it’s simpler if you sign in first.

Please note:  Setup is easiest on a desktop.  If you’re using your mobile for the setup it gets much more complicated.

Step 1:

Click on the image to copy the spreadsheet to your Drive.Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 08.55.59

Once copied, the spreadsheet will open.Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 08.56.15.png

Step 2:

Click on Form in the toolbar.  From here you can:

  • Send the form to yourself (via email or get a link)
  • Go to the live form. This is where you’ll input data.  If you want to add it to your mobile homescreen, choose this option and then follow the instructions below.


Step 3:

If you chose to send the form to yourself, follow these instructions.  If you’d like to add it to your homescreen scroll down to 3.2.

3.1 – Send the form to yourself or get a link

Click on Send


There are two ways to get the link for the form.

First, email it to yourself.  You can even include the form in the email so all you have to do is open the email & enter the info.  Make sure you save the email somewhere that you’ll remember so you can access it easily.SS_5_sendbyemail

Second, copy the link to the form.  I’ve used the short link version here.  If you go this route, make sure you save the link somewhere safe, or use a service like bitly to create a custom link that you won’t forget.SS_6_getlink

3.2 – Add the form to your mobile homescreen

Either follow Step 3.1, or open the live form.  Copy the URL and send it to yourself so you can open it on your phone.

Open the form on your mobile via the link you sent yourself, then add it to your homescreen.

To add the spreadsheet to your homescreen, follow the same steps.

Step 4:

You can now enter your data into the form.  Every cashout must be recorded separately.

PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer to do so, you can input data directly into the spreadsheet rather than using the form.

Every question with a red star is required.  You won’t be able to submit the form if you haven’t answered them.

You will be asked to enter:

  • Day/Date – the two digit day of the month
  • Month – These are prefaced with numbers so that the table sorts them correctly
  • Year
  • Site – I’ve included some of the most popular sites.  They are numbered for the same reason the months are.
  • Amount
  • Method – What you cashed out for.
  • Notes – In case you want to record any other information

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 18.19.26

When you’ve entered all the info, click submit.SS_9_submit

You can now submit another cashout or continue on to the next step.SS_10_recorded

Step 5:

Once you’ve added in some data, go back to the spreadsheet.  You should now see all the data that you submitted via the form.

You can ignore this sheet unless you want to add in more data on the spreadsheet itself.

Column A is the timestamp of when you entered the data in the form.  Just leave that column alone.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 17.03.38

If you have past data to add in, you can do so in the spreadsheet.  You don’t have to use the form every time, just make sure you follow the format for each cell or the tables in Step 6 won’t work correctly.

Step 6:

Click on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet.  This is the magic page.  It takes all the info from the Input sheet and creates overviews for you.

Using pivot tables, you can see all your cashouts (that you’ve entered in the form/spreadsheet) combined by Month and separated by Site or Method.  You can also see them either horizontally or vertically.  If you use a lot of sites, the vertical layout will probably be best for you.

If you want to see which method you cashout to more(Amazon, Paypal etc.) there are tabs for that too.


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