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Happy Birthday Swagbucks! Here’s what’s in store for today!

Happy Birthday to you…

Happy Birthday to you…

Happy Birthday dear Swagbucks…

Happy Birthday to you!

That’s right, Swagbucks is a whopping 12 years old today, and to celebrate there are all manner of things going on that could earn you Swagbucks – it’s not often that people give YOU presents on THEIR Birthday so be sure to make the most of it!

So, what’s going on?

Birthday Badge

The first thing you may already have noticed is that when you log in, a pop up tells you that you’ve earned a Birthday Badge – as far as we can tell there’s no benefit to this as yet, but it could be the start of a new badge system that may have benefits in the future, so be sure to claim yours!

Code Extravaganza

Throughout the day there will be 6 Swagcodes adding up to a massive 30SB – fantastic help towards your daily goal, so be sure to collect them all. Make sure you don’t miss out by subscribing to our Codes thread in the GPT Genies Facebook group!

Swagbucks Live

There are some special Swagbucks Live games happening today with some huge prizes so if that’s your thing, make sure you take part!

Collector’s Bill

There’s a special Collector’s Bill around worth 12SB and a bonus 5SB Search the web by clicking here and then come and let us know if you find it!


Don’t forget that the Birthday Swago is still running – a possible 300SB up for grabs if you complete your board – find out more about this here.

There may be more things happening throughout the day so keep an eye on the group and this blog post – we’ll update it if anything new is added!

Not on Swagbucks? Now is a great time to join – click the image below to become a member and take advantage of all the Birthday offers!




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