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Woohoo! It’s Pancake Day! Whether you’re a savoury or sweet fan, smother your pancakes in a creamy mushroom sauce, lemon and sugar or lashings of Nutella, today is the day we can guarantee what most people will be eating.

Whether you’re a flipper or a turner, hopefully we can help you celebrate something else today with a search win or two from our Pancake Day facts – find out more about how our search links work here, or read on and hopefully get a Swagbucks search win along the way! Don’t forget to come and let us know in the GPT Genies Facebook group if you manage to get a win!


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February 24th – Pancake Day!

  • Shrove Tuesday, more commonly called Pancake Day, Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, is celebrated every year to mark the first day of Lent
  • Because Lent is traditionally a time when people had a sparser diet and gave up lots of ‘luxury’ things such as eggs, flour, butter and milk, Shrove Tuesday was the day to use them all up by making pancakes
  • The record for the largest pancake in the world is held by the Co-operative Union in Manchester. Their pancake weighed around 3 tonnes and measured a whopping 49 feet and 3 inches long!
  • Olney in Buckinghamshire has a pancake race every year, and have done since 1445. It’s thought to have been the first pancake race in the world.
  • In France, it is tradition to hold a coin in one hand, toss the pancake with the other and make a wish.
  • The largest stack of pancakes ever cooked was made up of 60 pancakes and was a massive 76cm tall.

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