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Could you help out the GPT Genies during the Coronavirus Covid-19 Lockdown?

It’s a strange time for lots of us, and your GPT Genies Admin and Moderators are no exception. As well as lower earnings on surveys, some of us own businesses whose revenue have taken a hit, some have children we are home schooling, some are facing other issues – and these issues mean that we have less time available to keep this blog updated with details of apps and sites to help us all earn more during lockdown.

That’s where you could come in!

If you find yourself with a little more time during this whole lockdown period, why not write for the GPT Genies blog?

We’re looking for blog posts on popular apps that we haven’t featured so far, sites that you may use that we don’t, and other ways you may be earning money that we haven’t featured so far (typing, blogging, anything online other than MLM and Gambling / Matched Betting).

Currently we’re looking for people to write about:

  • One Pulse
  • Attapoll
  • MobRog
  • Shopprize
  • Shoppix
  • Zip Zero
  • VoxPop
  • and more!

Do you use an app  or site that we haven’t featured? Is there something you could write about a site we may have mentioned, but you could elaborate on? (For example, the bonus structure on YSense, Daily Clicks on Keep Rewarding, tips for getting the most out of Prize Rebel?) Could you write about it if we gave you a template? We’re happy to edit and adjust where needed to fit the style of the site.

What do you get in return?

Unfortunately we can’t offer payment. We can, however, offer a dedicated referral link (whether for the app in question or another site of your choice) that will stay on this site for as long as your blog stays live – you could be getting referrals from an article published here for many years to come!

Interested? Drop us a message via the GPT Genies Facebook Page and let’s talk!


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