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At the beginning of 2020 we began to get news from China of a new virus spreading.  Gradually it spread around the world, holidays to Italy and then to Spain were cancelled.  The FCO started to advise against travel, and then we started to hear about cases in the United Kingdom.

At first we panic bought and then we stockpiled toilet paper.  We all learned to sing while washing our hands to ensure we washed for long enough.

Then we were told that pubs and restaurants had to close and three days later the Prime Minister appeared on TV to tell us all to stay at home in  one of most-watched TV programmes ever.

We all found ourselves living a different life and learning new words and phrases
Schools closed and parents all became home educators
Working from home became normal
Self-distancing and self-isolating were suddenly on all our lips
Tape on the floors at supermarkets and others to help distance shoppers from each other.
Entire sports seasons, the Olympics and Wimbledon cancelled.
Concerts, tours, festivals, Eurovision – cancelled.

Weddings, family celebrations, holidays – cancelled.Furlough, a word most had never heard before, meant an income for many

Businesses stepped up

Manufacturers, distilleries and other businesses switched their lines to help make visors, facemaskshand sanitizer and PPE to help with shortages.

Stadiums and recreation facilities opened up for the overflow of Covid-19 patients.

Pubs, trade suppliers and corner shops started offering home deliveries

Everyone learned to use video calls for meeting friends

Celebrities and businesses produced videos and resources to entertain and educate

8pm Thursday became the regular time to thank our NHS and keyworkers by standing on our doorsteps and in our front gardens to applaud. 

In a true silver lining of dark times communities came together and supported each other. Most of us will never forget these times, but together we’ll get through them. #StaySafe #ProtectOurNHS

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And don’t forget – If you’re not already a Swagbucks member, please consider using Ruth’s referral link as a thank you 🙂 

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