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GPT earning app Mistplay – a quick FAQ

Many thanks to GPT Genies member Marjoleine for taking the time to write about GPT appand app Mistplay – please thank her by using the code in this post if you decide to use the app.

During the current lockdown you may have found that there are less surveys available whilst
you might have a bit more time on your hands. If you like playing games, then I might have
the solution for you. Introducing: Mistplay!

What is Mistplay?

Mistplay is an app that pays you to play games. Perfect for the casual gamer.

Where can I get Mistplay?

You can get it on Android by either downloading it via Google Play Store or simply by
clicking on my referral link ( Thank you so much if you
Unfortunately, it’s not available for iOS.

What do I have to do?

The concept behind the app is pretty simple. You open the app, select a game you would like
to play, download it and start playing. Whenever you play a game you will earn units and
PXP which you can use to buy a gift card.

What are Units?

Units are the in-app currency that you can use to purchase gift cards. You earn units based on

the time you spend playing a game and by obtaining badges.

Mistplay will award you Game Experience Points (GXP) based on how long you play the
game. You will usually get GXP every 2-3 minutes. By earning GXP you level up the game
inside of Mistplay. With every level you pass in the Mistplay app you will get units. The
amount of units will increase with each level, but varies per game.
You can also get units by obtaining badges. Most games will give you extra units if you play
the game for 20 minutes, play it at night or if you reach level 5 on the game in the Mistplay
app (note: the level you gain for game in Mistplay does not correspond to the level you reach
in the game itself!).

What is PXP?

PXP stands for player experience points. The more PXP you earn, the more you level up as a
player. Whenever you reach a new player level you get 25 units.

How do I make the most of Mistplay?

If you want to quickly earn enough points to get a gift card you may want to copy the strategy
that I use:
1. Select the games with the highest amount of units and PXP first. Every game clearly
shows how many units and PXP you can earn through them.
Important! if you have installed and played a game before the Unit and PXP awarded
for that game may be lowered after you clear the first level. So make sure you keep an
eye on that!
2. Get the badges of new recruit and social gamer by reaching level 5 for the game in
3. Keep playing the game until you hit level 8-10 in the Mistplay app.
4. After reaching level 8 evaluate if the game is worth playing. After you reach this level the amount of time you have to spend to level up becomes considerably longer.
Although the amount of units you get does go up, you may find that a game is not
worth your time anymore.
5. Having said that, keep playing the games you enjoy playing. If you are having fun,
why quit?
If you use this guide you should be able to gather enough for your first £10,- gift card within
14 days (whilst playing casually).

How do I cashout on Mistplay?

Once you have gathered enough units you can cash out by pressing the shop icon and
selecting one of the gift cards.
You can select Amazon, Mastercard, Google Play gift cards in Pounds or a Visa card in
It takes about 48 hours before your gift card is e-mailed to you.

Is there a referral scheme?

Yes! You get an additional 100 units for every friend you invite.
You find the scheme under the bonus button in the app.

What does Mistplay do with my data?

According to their website Mistplay will not sell, rent or disclose to outside parties the
information we collect, save and except that we may share the collected information with

other parties as follows:

 Affiliated Service Providers: We have agreements with various affiliated service providers
to facilitate the rendering of our Services, with whom we may share the information we
have collected. All administrative service providers that we use are required to have the
same level of privacy protection as we have, and therefore we expect that your information

will be handled with the same level of care that we employ.

 Statistical Analysis: We may share Non-Personal Information, User ratings and review of
apps, and aggregated anonymized information with third parties, including but not limited
to, for statistical, machine learning, advertising or marketing purposes. No Personal

Information will be shared in this manner.

 Transactions: In connection with, or during negotiations of, any merger, sale of company
assets, financing or acquisition, or in any other situation where Personal Information may
be disclosed or transferred as one of our business assets. However, under no
circumstances will such transactions result in your information being used for other
purposes than those for which you gave us your consent.
This means that they only share your personal information with the game creators so they can
keep track of the games you are playing and to complete transactions. Non-personal
information is used for them to analyse for example apps performance, but also for
advertising purposes.

How can I contact Mistplay?

You can contact Mistplay via their website
via facebook
or on twitter

I’m in! Wait, how do I download the app again?

Simply download the app via the Google Play Store or click on my referral link
( to download the app directly. You are under no
obligation to use my referal, but I will be super grateful if you did!
I hope you found this blogpost helpful and that it will help you get your first (of many) gift
cards through mistplay.
Thank you and stay safe, Marjolein
I have a question you haven’t answered

Sorry about that, why not come and ask in our Facebook group where over 9,000 members use sites and apps such as Mistplay?

Please do remember to thank Marjoleim in the Facebook group!

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