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Top Tips to earning on ySense

ySense has become somewhat of a group favourite over the last few months.  If you are already familiar with other sites that we use, e.g. Swagbucks, instaGC, PrizeRebel, etc., it shouldn’t be too difficult to get started on ySense as it has many of the same components as the others.

In this post, I’m going to share some tips that helped me earn over £100 in my first month using ySense.

Now, before I start, I think it’s important to note that I do a fair amount of surveys.  If surveys aren’t for you, or you find the inevitable disqualifications too frustrating, then this post may not be as much help as you were hoping.  However, I think it’s a good idea to have a read and then see what you think.

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On with the tips…

1 – Bonus

The bonus on ySense is one of the biggest appeals the site holds for me.  You can earn up to a whopping 16% bonus on everything, e.g. surveys, offers, tasks, you do on the site.  

In the screenshot below you can see just how much the bonus adds up to when you put a little effort into earning.

To keep your bonus at the maximum of 16% you need to two things:

  1. Log into ySense on your laptop and add the browser extension.  This needs to be active for about an hour every day.  
  2. Complete at least 2 surveys or offers every day. This can be done as one survey & one offer, two surveys, or two offers.  Any combination works.  You can also complete 10 Appen tasks if you prefer.

You can find your daily bonus checklist on the ySense homepage, when you are logged in, just scroll down the page until you see it.  You can see in the screenshot that you will be able to track how many surveys and offers you have completed.  You will also be able to see how much longer the browser extension needs to be active for and what your bonus is for that day.

Click on the view history button to see a daily, monthly, or yearly breakdown of how much you have earned via the bonus.



2 – Surveys

The amount of surveys on ySense varies depending on what is available but it’s always good to look for things to do.  You can see the hosting site, the time it’s expected to take, and the reward you’ll receive for successfully completing it.

As with all surveys, you’ll get disqualified a LOT, you can see in the screenshot on the left just how often I get screened out.  However, I find that I can usually do several of these surveys a day so they’re worth trying.  Additionally, ySense often has surveys that pay well.  I often see surveys that pay more than $2 which is rare on most sites.


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3 – Offers

Because of the bonus, ySense can often be the most lucrative place to complete high paying offers.  If you keep your bonus at maximum and complete an offer paying $10 you will get $1.60 bonus as well! 

As always, check other sites to ensure that the offer plus bonus will pay more than anywhere else.

ySense has its own offer wall but you can also find many of the usual walls e.g. Revenue Universe, Offer Toro, etc.

Also keep an eye out for emails as they may email an offer.

Most days I don’t do many offers but I have done a few that paid decently, as you can see on the left, and these really add up over time.



4 – Theorem Reach

People talk a lot about the surveys on ySense, for good reason, but you’re not limited to just those on the survey page.  Most of the offer walls have surveys that you can complete too and they’re worth a try to boost your points.

One of the ones worth trying is Theorem Reach.  Unlike ySense surveys, Theorem Reach pays 1c when you are disqualified which means it’s a good place to try if you’re struggling to find anything to do to keep your bonus streak up.

Theorem Reach can be found on Revenue Universe and a few other walls.

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5 – Appen

Appen, formerly known as Figure8, is a hub of tasks.  The tasks (for beginners) are generally pretty simple but usually don’t pay much.  However, since they’re quick, if your accuracy is good, it’s an easy way to rack up a bunch of points in not a lot of time.

Appen has levels so if you complete lots of tasks, and have a decent accuracy score, you’ll move up levels and be offered better and higher paying tasks.

Tasks include: verifying information from phone call extracts, judging emotions on videos, and more.

Please note: You have to login to Appen with your Facebook account.

6 – Cashing Out

I always cash out for Reward Link on ySense.  “Why?” I can hear you asking. Cash out for Reward Link and then come back to me if you’re still confused. Trust me, it is the best way to maximise your earnings.

Reward Link cards can be redeemed for several options including Amazon, Tesco, and Starbucks.


There’s lots of stuff to do on ySense if you keep persevering.  Keep an eye on our Facebook Group and chats, they’ll soon become good friends as they help you earn.  Share with others if you find something good and you’ll see people reciprocating.

Remember, earning on GPT sites isn’t effortless but once you learn ways to maximise your earnings then you could start to rake it in.

Good luck and let me know what you found helpful or what your best tips are in the comments!

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