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Sad News Of The Death Of The Duke Of Edinburgh! Brush up on some facts about Prince Philip and you could earn a Swagbucks search win!

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Prince Philip 1921- 2021


Our deepest condolences to the Queen who announced the death of her dear husband, Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh, today.

It was announced that he passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle at the age of 99.


Interesting Facts:

  • Prince Philip was born in Greece, but his family was forced to flee the country when he was just an infant.
  • Philip was first educated at The Elms, an American school in Paris run by Donald MacJannet, who described Philip as a “know it all smarty person, but always remarkably polite”
  • In 1947 he adopted his maternal grandparents’ surname Mountbatten rather than his father’s surname which was Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-GlücksburgSome.
  • Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are actually third cousins, both great-great grandchildren of Queen Victoria.
  • Philip asked the King for his daughter’s hand in marriage in the summer of 1946. The King granted his request, but delayed announcing it formally until after  Elizabeth’s 21st birthday the following year.
  • As well as being Duke of Edinburgh, Philip also holds the titles Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich in the County of London. He is also a Knight of the Garter, and a Privy Counsellor

Do you know any other interesting facts about Prince Philip or the Royal Family?

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