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Get an easy 20+ SB a day on Swagbucks with nCrave links!

A while ago the usual nCraves disappeared from the Swagbucks UK Watch page.  However, there is still a way that you can get some easy SB from nCraves each day.  All you need is this list of links, handily curated by psmith on reddit.  I use these links whenever I need a few extra SB to hit my daily targets or if I have some spare time and feel in the mood to make some easy money.


Up to date as of 07/04/2022
Name on Activity LedgerLinkSB per runPossible runs a day
Watch Social promoLink 1210
Watch Promo emailLink 215
nCrave emailLink 315
Watch To-Do ListLink 415
Does not credit?Link 511
Does not credit?Link 611

Click here to learn how to earn from these links.

Things to keep in mind:

  • They can be run on a laptop or a mobile but I find it easier to run on a laptop as you can see when they’re done or if something goes wrong more easily.
  • They do take some time to get through so although they’re very easy, they aren’t always quick.  It can take up to half an hour to get 25 SB.
  • You must keep the nCrave window open and on top for it to give you the SB so you cannot do anything else on the device you’re using while they’re running.
  • The amount you can run of each link a day can (and does) change.  We don’t know why this happens, nor do we have any way to predict how many you’ll be able to do each day.


How to earn from the links:

  1. Click on a link and drag the browser tab to the right side of your screen (if on a laptop).  This is so you can see it when the nCrave is running.
  2. It should load a blue page saying “Hold Tight”.  Click on the button that says “Open Link”;
  3. A new window should open with the nCrave in it on the left side of your screen.  Keep an eye on the visible part of the original window.  If it goes dark quickly, check the original page and if it shows a black and pink error message (as seen in the screenshot) close the nCrave window, reload the blue page,and click on the button again.  You may have to do this a couple of times until it works properly.
  4. Keep the nCrave window active until the original blue window goes dark.  When it goes dark and shows the success message “You have sayed on the link long enough” close the nCrave window, reload the blue page, click on “Open Link”, and repeat.
  5. When the blue window can no longer be reloaded and only shows the message “This activity is no longer available” it means you have completed the amount of runs you can do for that link for the day.  Move on to the next link and repeat the steps.
  6. If you get the “Offer not available, please try again later” message it means that there are still more runs left to be done but they cannot be done now.  Leave the link for an hour and then try again.  You can try other links in the meantime.


Please let us know if you have any questions, find any more working nCrave links, or earn different amount from these links in the comments.

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