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Cash out changes for Swagbucks and Ysense

Before you next go cashing out your hard earn points, make sure to have a quick read of this post first.

Swagbucks and their sister company Ysense have recently made some changes to their rewards section, and we at GPTGenies are disappointed.

Originally, your best value for money option for cashout on Swagbucks was

500SB for a £5 digital Mastercard 

Whilst on Ysense it was

$10.00 for a £10.00 Reward Link card which could then be traded for various gift cards(Amazon was my favourite) 

The cost to cash out to these rewards has recently increased though. Booooo!!!

Now your best options for cashing out are as follows:


1300SB for a £10 Mastercard or Tesco/Amazon Giftcard


$13.00 for a £10.00 Amazon or Tesco Giftcard

They do change their cash out offers though and we will always keep you updated. Make sure you are a member of our Facebook Group for more updates.



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