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Learn more about cruelty free products and maybe get a Swagbucks search win at the same time

Many thanks to GPT Genies Facebook Group member Georgia for writing this search links post, and enlightening us about some cruelty free products available on the market. If you are not already a Swagbucks member, please consider using Georgia’s referral link as a thank you 🙂 


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Bodyshop is great for cruelty free products and in 2017 they were the first brand ever to globally fight to stop animal testing when they began their forever against animal testing campaign which internationally reached over 8.3 million signatures. They worked with Cruelty free international a charity for a much-needed push towards a more compassionate world.
Lush is another amazing company whose products are all cruelty free and have a fighting animal testing campaign. Lush have continued to speak up for the vulnerable animals and teamed up with campaign groups to initiate change and raise awareness.
Barry M has a great range of vegan and cruelty free makeup and at amazing value to and can be found in Superdrug
Beauty pie are all cruelty free although not all their items are vegan, they have high end skin care, makeup and haircare for members only prices.
If you are looking for amazing ethical hair care, Paul Mitchell have an amazing range and all their products are cruelty free. I swear by the Awapuhi wild rangeKorres and Pure have a great selection to, and if you are looking for a barging you can find hair care at Primark and Superdrug .
All of Superdrugs own products are also cruelty free and at such amazing value. They have even launched their B. Cosmetics which are completely vegan as well as cruelty free. 
If you are looking for cruelty free cleaning brands check out Astonish and all of Tesco’s, Superdrug’s, and marks and Spenser’s own range cleaning products are all completely cruelty free.
Now on to shower gels, Holland and Barrett have an amazing rage, They sell Faith in Nature which is also organic, and my go to favourite Original Source shower gels which are a bargain and can be found in any supermarket.
For more products, check out Cruelty Free Kitty who has a great list of products that are ethical.
Another great site to check out is Cruelty free PetaThey have a list of company’s which whom they have awarded their cruelty free bunny.

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And don’t forget – If you’re not already a Swagbucks member, please consider using Georgia’s referral link as a thank you 🙂 

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