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Make the most of your points when cashing out!

One of the questions that is often asked in our Facebook group is “What is the best option when cashing out?”.  People want to know how to make the most of their points, how to ensure they’re getting the best deal possible, squeezing as much as possible from their hard work earning, and why shouldn’t they.

So, to help you all, we have put together this handy table that shows you how many points each reward would cost.

Things you should know:

The values shown below are calculations based on the amount of points that you would need to receive £5 or £10 Amazon, MasterCard, or PayPal.

Where one can only cash out for $, I have done the requisite conversions (including fees) and the amounts are based on that and point values are based on the PayPal exchange rates from 27/03/2022.

What should I cash out for?

SiteAmazon - £5MasterCard - £5PayPal - £5Amazon - £10MasterCard - £10PayPal - £10Amazon - £25MasterCard - £25PayPal - £25

Please note:

  • The amounts will change slightly depending on the exchange rate.
  • InstaGC charges 20 points per PayPal redemption.  The first PayPal cash out of the month is free so will be 20 points less than shown above.
  • PrizeRebel offers discounts on rewards for members who are Gold level and above which makes redeeming slightly better value for those members than the totals shown above.
  • The table above shows Grabpoints cash out amounts divided by 10 to bring them in line with the other sites. For example, Grabpoints charges 5000 points for $5 PayPal and most of the other sites charge 500 points for the same thing.



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