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Mothering Sunday 2022

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Mothering Sunday (27th March 2022) is an old Christian Holiday that is celebrated in some parts of Europe, including the UK.  It is also commonly referred to as Mother’s Day nowadays but there are some key differences between the two.
Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the Fourth Sunday of Lent while Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second sunday of May in many countries, e.g. the USA.
While Mothering Sunday is no longer considered to have religious connotations by many, historically the term ‘mothering’ actually referred to the “Mother Church“.  During the Middle Ages, it became common for those who had moved away from home to have a day off from their duties so they could return home and attend their home church, or Mother Church, for the services.  As children often left their homes when they were young to go into service, Mothering Sunday was an opportunity for them to return home and visit their families.  In modern days, Mothering Sunday is celebrated much as Mother’s Day is, by giving gifts to one’s mother and/or grandmother.
Mother’s Day, on the other hand, can be dated back to the early 1900’s as a day created in order to honour mothers. The holiday became commercial and is now celebrated by many countries around the world.
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Do you know…

  • Anna Jarvis is credited with creating Mother’s Day in order to celebrate mothers around the world.
  • Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 and officially established in the USA in 1914.
  • Simnel cake was originally the traditional cake eaten on Mothering Sunday.  Nowadays it is more commonly associated with Easter.
  • Although many people in the UK celebrate Mothering Sunday without connecting it to religion, churches still hold Mothering Sunday services and give flowers to children so they can gift them to their mothers.
  • During the Middle Ages children often left their homes when they were as young as 10 years old to become apprentices or find work.

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