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Swagbucks minitip – An extra £25 a year for just one click a day

swagbucks discover offer
It’s easier to ignore the smaller earners on Swagbucks, but done daily these can add up to a good amount for very little effort.

Currently (as of April 2022) there’s a Discover Offer on Swagbucks that gives you 10SB per day for just clicking on it.

In the Discover section of the website or app, look for the offer.

Click on this, then scroll down slightly and click on a job listing.

That’s it! 10sb a day is 3650sb a year – that’s more than enough for a £25 payout at the time of writing.

What other quick and easy offers do you know of? Tell us in the Facebook Group!

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  • Elizabeth Christie

    20 May can no longer find this

    • Hannah

      Unfortunately, it’s now 1sb a day and cannot always be done every day.


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