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Can you make money from survey sites and apps? Our members say YES!

Can you make money from survey sites and apps? This is the first question most people ask when looking into sites such as Swagbucks, Prolific, Keep Rewarding and more. We ask our Facebook group members the same thing every month when we ask them to report their monthly totals, and the answer is a resounding yes!

(These are real screenshots from our group, with identifying details removed.)

“J” made £1124.24 in March 2022

She was asked if she did this as a full time job and her answer was: “I don’t have another job, but I’d say it’s part time I just fit it round doing housework and other stuff.”

Here are the sites she made her money from:

march earnings for j


“H” made £487.02 in March 2020

She told us: “I’ve had a decent month … helped along by a couple of communities (one I signed up to via a Facebook ad and the other via swagbucks or ysense) and several multi day studies on prolific.😅


“G” made £421 in March 2022


“A” made £766.42 in March 2022

“A” told us: “Not bad at all for my first proper month back ‘on it’ in a very long time –  i’m self employed so I tend to just check in and out as and when I can throughout the day”


“F” made £155.56 in March 2022

She asked a question lots of people want to know the answer to: “How do you split your time between all the sites?”

The answers included:

  •  I have lots of other windows open to switch to other sites when higher paying surveys pop up
  • I flick between sites to see what is the best at the time. I split screen my laptop so I can have prolific and usually either swag or usertesting right in front of me so I can watch for something good to pop up. Then usually have qmee open on my phone etc
  • You need to prioritise your sites as sometimes its easy to get stuck on a site like swagbucks for hours for very little trying to hit a daily goal



“K” made £214.71 in March 2022

Here’s what she had to say:

“T” made £89.95 in March 2022

And thought she’d had a rubbish month!


“KP” made £157.23 in March 2022

(We recorded the USD amount in GBP as per Google’s calculation today.)


As you can see, taking just 8 of our members, they’ve made a whopping total of £3,416.75 in March alone – now tell me again how you can’t make money from GPT and survey sites?


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