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How to earn from “Paid To Click” offers on Keep Rewarding

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Keep Rewarding* is a site that is popping up more often in our Facebook group.  One of the easiest ways to earn on Keep Rewarding is by completing the PTC (Paid To Click) offers.  PTCs don’t pay much but each penny helps boost your earnings so they’re well worth doing if you have a little extra time.  Some of these offers are available daily, some are weekly.


Please make sure you have a decent antivirus on your computer before trying any of these as some of the clicks may not be trusted websites.

Finding the PTC offers:

On the Keep Rewarding site you should see a menu on the left hand side.  Scroll down until you see “Paid To Click“.  When you click on “Paid To Click“, the PTC menu will open and you will see a variety of options.

We are going to focus on just two from this menu today, PTCs and CPCs.

Some of the offer walls also have PTC offers.  One of these is Skippy Ads.


PTCs is the first option under the Paid To Click menu on Keep Rewarding*.  These are fairly standard PTC offers.  If there are any available to complete you will see a list.

Click on an offer and choose the correct captcha from the dropdown.

Then wait until the bar changes to say that you have been credited.  This usually takes only a few seconds.

Different offers pay different amounts but they all add up at the end.  PTCs should credit instantly once completed.


On the CPCs page you will see a menu.  This shows you how many offers you have tried and what their status is.  You can click on each tab in the menu for more information.

CPCs are slightly different than PTCs.  They tend to pay more than the PTCs but are not always instant, in my experience.

If you scroll down the CPCs page you will see the offers, if there are any available. Generally each offer will have an image, then the listing underneath.  In the listing you can see the Offer name, how often you can complete it, and whether it is UK or Worldwide.  You can also see the amount it should pay and how many times it has been completed.  You should see an estimate of how long it may take to credit as well.  Finally, you will see three buttons: Submit; Ignore; and Report.


Unlike the PTCs, you do not have to enter a captcha when doing the CPCs.  Instead, you click on the offer, wait a bit or complete the task asked of you in the listing, and then go back to the page on Keep Rewarding to click “Submit”.

You should see a success message at the top of the page under the CPCs menu telling you that the offer has been added to the Pending list.  Some will go straight to Completed but the message will still say they’ve gone to pending.  As long as the message says “Success” there should be nothing to worry about.

Skippy Ads:

Skippy Ads can be found near the bottom of the Offers menu on Keep Rewarding*.

The Skippy Ads wall has two options at the top: Offers and Clicks.  We want the Clicks tab.

When you are on the Clicks tab you should see a list of offers to complete.  Each one will have a name, the amount of time you need to remain on the page, and the amount it pays.

Click on the offer and a new page should open up.  At the top of the page you will see “Advertisement Loading”.  This should quickly change to a bar that fills up with green.  When the bar is full, you can close the page and try another offer.

NB: Our antivirus blocked one of the Skippy Ads offers so we were unable to complete it.  Please do make sure you only try these on a device where you have an antivirus programme installed.

Will you be using the PTC offers on Keep Rewarding* to earn a little extra? What else would you advise trying on there?  Let us know in our Facebook Group or in the comments!

Good luck and let us know what you found helpful or what your best tips are in the comments!


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* Links with a star are affiliate links.  This means that if you sign up to a site via one of these link we, and/or you, may earn some extra pennies.  We don’t get paid for running this site so using affiliate links is one of the ways that we can offset the cost of keeping it up.  Thank you.

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