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Kudo – Get rewarded for driving safely!

Kudo is a UK based, iOS only, app that rewards you for driving! It’s very easy to use and it tracks your trips automatically so you don’t even have to think about it until it’s time to redeem a reward.

Why is Kudo willing to pay me for good driving?

Kudo is the initiative of an insurance company.  If you achieve a high score from the trips they track, Kudo will offer you a discount on their car insurance once you have driven 200 miles.  However, there is no obligation to buy car insurance from them, you can just install the app to earn some rewards for yourself.

As Kudo is owned by a car insurance company, you must be willing to share some data with them in order to earn rewards.

How does Kudo work?

  1. Download the app and sign up.  Kudo is currently available for iOS only but they hope to have the android app ready in a couple of months so keep an eye out.
    Download on the App Store
  2. Give the app access to your location (always on) when it asks.  Kudo needs this information to track the trips that you make.
  3. Drive as you usually would and remember to take your phone with you.  The app will use your location data to determine the trips that you make, the speed that you travel at, and other particulars about how you drive.
  4. For each trip where you are the driver, that has a high enough score, you will earn 10 Koins. Koins are Kudo’s name for points.  You will not earn any Koins if your score is too low or if you use another method of transport.
  5. When you have enough Koins, you can redeem them in the store tab for rewards.

What does Kudo measure?

Kudo gives you points out of 1000 for each of the following:

Kudo trip information

  1. Speed – Are you driving within the speed limit? Note: you’ll get marked down if you go too fast in car parks that have a speed limit.
  2. Focus – Are you paying attention to driving or are you using your phone?  You lose points for any time they think you’ve touched your phone.  Having music playing does not affect your score.
  3. Smooth – How smooth is your driving? Do you start and stop suddenly?
  4. Cornering – How good are you at turning corners? Do you take them too widely or too sharply?

Kudo will also give you details of each trip that you make, including where you started from and where you stopped, distance travelled, and the time it took.

How do I earn Koins?

You can earn 10 coins per trip tracked, as long as your trip score is high enough.  You can also earn Koins from the monthly challenges.

During May the challenge was to have a Speed score of over 850 points and June’s challenge is to have a Focus score of over 900.  To be eligible for the monthly challenge you need to have at least 5 trips tracked during that month.  For each challenge you can earn 150 Koins.

It took me about 2 months to earn enough Koins to redeem a £5 voucher but I don’t drive all that often.  If you drive every day then you will earn Koins much faster than I did.

How do I get rewarded?

Koins can be redeemed in the Kudo Store for vouchers.  If you prefer to try your luck, you can enter the monthly draw or open a chest using your Koins.

Kudo store 1  

Rewards are paid within a couple of days.  I received my Amazon voucher about 5 hours after redeeming.

Earn £25 by using the referral scheme:

Please note: Referrals are on hold for now (as of 8th July) but Kudo has said that they will restart them as soon as they can.

Kudo has offered a £25 voucher for both me and the people who mention me when signing up.

In order to take advantage of this offer:

  1. Download the Kudo app from the Apple app store.
  2. Sign up with your details and enable location tracking.
  3. Earn 500 Koins.
  4. Once referrals restart I will add the info here on how to get the voucher.
  5. There is a limit of 4 referrals per person.

Will you be installing Kudo to earn a little extra?  Let us know in our Facebook Group or in the comments!

Good luck and let us know what you found helpful or what your best tips are in the comments!

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