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Swagbucks’ “Today’s Top Ten” Game – Everyone Wins SB!

This week Swagbucks is running a quick game where you can earn some guaranteed SB.  We all want some extra pennies so read on to find out how to earn…


What is the “Today’s Top Ten” game?

Every day between 4-6 pm BST ( 8-10 am PT) Swagbucks will post a picture on their main Facebook page with a link to a game.  The image will say “Today’s Top 10” and there will be a link in the text accompanying the image.

If you click on the link you will be presented with questions to answer.  Each question has a choice of two answers and you have to choose the one that you think the majority will choose.


Once you’ve answered all 10 questions, you have to enter your email address so that they can pay you.  In order for you to receive your SB you must enter the email address that you use for Swagbucks.

What can I win?

If you play the game by 9 pm BST (1 pm PT) each night, you can win guaranteed SB. The maximum you can win is 15 SB and the minimum you can win is 7 SB.  You can see the breakdown below:

  • Top 10% – 15 SB
  • Top 30% – 12 SB
  • Top 50% – 10 SB
  • Bottom 50% – 7 SB


When will I get my SB?

Winnings will be paid sometime the next day.  You will see the SB in your Activity Ledger.  You should also receive an email that tells you how many answers you got correct with a link to today’s game.  If you don’t want to keep checking Swagbucks’ Facebook page, you can just wait for the email and click on the link from there.


Where can I find today’s game?

Look on Swagbucks’ main facebook page after 5 pm BST (9 am PT) for the “Today’s Top Ten” post.  Click on the link in the post, make your choices, enter your swagbucks email address, and make sure to submit your answers before 9 pm BST (1 pm PT) to get your winnings. Alternatively, if you played yesterday, wait for the email with your results (as shown above) and then click on the link in it.

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