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Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day 2022? Here’s how to access it for FREE!

Amazon Prime Day runs from 12-13 July 2022.  Prime Day is a 48 hour event where Amazon offers flash sales, new launch deals and great money off offers on a wide range of products, including those that could be of use to the seasoned or newbie GPT site user.

As the name suggests, the offers and deals are only open to Prime subscribers, something that usually costs £79.99 a year. However, with the GPT Genies’ handy guide to Prime, you could get access to these offers for FREE – and if you have Amazon vouchers saved up from your GPT site cashouts, even better as you can use those to pay for the bargains you find!

So, where to start?

Sign up for 30 days free trial of Prime


First, sign up to the Amazon Prime 30 Day trial*. This is free for 30 days but you MUST remember to cancel before the time is up or you will be charged £79.99 (set a reminder on your phone or in your calendar now).

You can sign up by clicking the image below:

If you are a student, you can currently get 6 months of free Prime – click here to sign up as a student*.

(Please note that depending on whether you have recently had a trial of Amazon Prime, you may not be able to sign up to another trial – make sure you read carefully before committing to anything)

Start looking NOW!

Even though the day itself doesn’t start until midnight on the 13th October, Amazon are already promoting some great deals. Browse the site* and see what you can find – if you see something you like, just add it to your basket but don’t checkout. Discounts will be added to your basket once Prime Day is live.

Install the Amazon Assistant browser extension or app

The Amazon Assistant is a Chrome browser add-on that will alert you to new Prime Day deals without you having to constantly check the site. It is only available for the Chrome browser and won’t work on a tablet or mobile phone. You can get it here.

The Amazon app allows you to see the status of your orders, browse and buy from your phone or tablet – get the Amazon app here.

On Prime Day:

On Prime Day itself, from midnight, you can look out for deals in a number of ways:

Look out for the different sorts of deal

There are going to be three types of Prime Day deals on offer:

  • ‘Spotlight Deals’ which run for a longer period of time, some for the entire duration of the promotion – these usually have the best discounts.
  • ‘Lightning Deals’, posted frequently – as often as every five minutes and lasting up to six hours – we’ll try and post in the Facebook Group if any of these would be useful to GPT site users
  • ‘Prime Day Launches’, which are new products coming to Amazon that Prime members will have early access to for a limited time.

With some careful planning and a keen eye, you could grab some great bargains on Amazon Prime Day 2022 – if they’re to help with your GPT earnings, there’ll be an Amazon Prime thread in the Facebook Group, come and tell us there.

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