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Bulbshare – Get paid for giving your opinion!

Bulbshare is an app that rewards you for answering short surveys! Bulbshare is available on both iOS and Android and is quite easy to use.

How does Bulbshare work?

  1. Download the app and sign up with an email that is attached to your PayPal account.
  2. Complete any briefs (surveys) that are available for you.
  3. Join channels – these are topic based and are what will offer you the most opportunities for paid briefs.
  4. Turn on notifications so that you get an alert when a brief is available for you to complete.  Sometimes these notifications tell you if a brief is offering a payment.

How do I join a channel?

a list of channels on bulbshareSometimes Bulbshare will show a join button for a channel on your home page.  More usually, they will have unpaid briefs which ask you various demographic questions and will then add you to a channel if they think you are suitable for it.

Sometimes you get surveys on sites like Swagbucks* and ySense* which then invite you to channels.

Are all the briefs paid?

No, the majority of briefs are not paid.  You do not have to complete the unpaid briefs but we suggest that you spend a few minutes each week completing some of them as they can increase the amount of paid briefs you get invited to.

In addition, some of the unpaid briefs, though rare, are demographic surveys which then result in you being invited to new channels or specific projects that will pay.

How do I earn money?

briefs showing on the bulbshare home pageSome of the briefs are paid.  Unfortunately, you usually cannot tell if a brief will be paid without clicking into it and swiping up on the initial screen.  Then you will reach the title page which will tell you what the name of the brief is and, if you scroll down, whether it is a paid brief or not.

If a brief is paid it will tell you how much it will pay.  Most briefs pay 50p or £1 but sometimes there are higher rewards which usually require a bit more work.

When you complete a paid brief you should get a pop up saying “Congratulations, you’ve earned a reward”.  This can take a few seconds after you have exited the completion screen.  If you do not get this pop up it is possible that you will not be paid for the brief.  This is one of the reasons why we encourage everyone to keep track of the paid briefs that they complete including screenshots.

How do I get paid?

List of notifications from Bulbshare that say reward has been sentThe briefs that offer rewards are paid via PayPal using the address that you used to sign up to the app with.

Rewards usually get paid a few hours after you successfully complete a paid brief but some can take about 2 weeks to be paid.

When you click on the notifications inbox at the bottom left of the screen you will see a list.  this list is misleading as it usually just says “Your reward has been issued” for all of them.


List of briefs from Bulshare showing if they have been paid or not

However, if you click on any of the notifications it will take you to the list that will tell you whether your reward has actually been sent or not.

Unfortunately, this list offers minimal information.  All it tells you is that a brief from a specific channel has been paid.  It will not tell you which brief, how much the brief was worth, when you completed the brief, or when the reward was sent.

We therefore encourage you to keep your own list of all paid briefs that you complete so that you can track whether you’ve been paid for them or not.

As usual, it is good practice to keep screenshots of the title page of the brief, including the title and how much it promised to pay, and of the completion screen.

How much money could I earn?

Bulbshare isn’t a big earner.  However, some of our members earn £15-20 a month from it with very little time or effort involved so we think it’s a worthwhile app to keep on your phone.

Is there a referral scheme?

You can get an invite link or code from the app but Bulbshare does not give you, or the person who uses your link, anything for sharing it.


Will you be installing Bulbshare to earn a little extra?

What tips would you give to people who want to start using Bulbshare?

Let us know in our Facebook Group or in the comments!

Good luck and let us know what you found helpful or what your best tips are in the comments!

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