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What is Valentine’s Day?

Every year on the 14th of February people mark Valentine’s Day* by celebrating their love with roses, cards*, and cosy dinners for two but the origins of Valentine’s Day suggest it’s a much darker celebration.

It’s a day that’s changed so much over time that many of us wouldn’t recognise the real origins of Valentine’s Day today.  The day of love is one of the oldest celebrations in Europe, with its roots reaching back hundreds of years before Saint Valentine was walking around Rome.  Back in the day, it was all about prancing naked through the streets and animal sacrifices(!), but it’s safe to say these traditions have been swapped for newer (and safer) ones these days.

However you choose to celebrate it, it’s important to be in the know about the true origins of this annual event.

What are the origins of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day originated in the 6th century BCE and comes from the Lupercalia festival, a pagan celebration of fertility that occurred on February 15th in Rome every year.

Many hundreds of years later English poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the poem ‘Parliament of Fowls‘.  It describes a gathering of birds in early springtime, “on seynt valentynes day”, and so the day then became about love.

Who was Saint Valentine?

In the 3rd century CE the man who would later become Saint Valentine was executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II.  While there are many legends about him and others with the same name, it’s widely believed that Claudius sent Valentine to prison for helping loved-up Christian couples get married at a time when it was forbidden.

During his time in prison, Valentine tutored a blind young woman called Julia who was the daughter of his jailer.  The story goes that God restored Julia’s sight after the two prayed together.  And on the evening before his execution, Valentine wrote a note to her and signed it with, “From your Valentine”*.

Despite the multiple legends around this man, and others like him, Pope Gelasius I and the Catholic Church declared this Valentine a saint and listed him as a martyr on February 14th – technically inventing St Valentine’s Day.

But the Valentine’s Day we know today, with the cards and chocolates*, really became highly commercialised as late as 1985.  This was when Hallmark launched their Valentine’s Day advertisements in the USA, claiming themselves to be “The Valentine’s Store“.

Fascinating Facts about Valentine’s Day:

However you celebrate we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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