Who are we?


I became interested in survey and GPT sites a number of years ago. As a single parent running my own online marketing business, surveys seemed like a great way to spend evenings, taking me away from an endless work/work cycle but still being interesting, and earning some money to boot! After spending many hours being disqualified from surveys and earning £5 in about 2 months, I decided it wasn’t for me…  In late 2016 I decided to give it another go, and spent a lot of time reading, learning and testing. By Jan 2017 I had developed a routine that went on to make me over £4000 in 12 months, spending around an hour a day and often having one week a month of doing next to nothing. I started the UK Swagbucks & More Facebook group, which developed into a massive support group for people using survey and GPT sites. The group now has almost 10,000 members and is one of the friendliest and most helpful groups you’ll find on Facebook!

My favourite sites are Swagbucks and InstaGC – lots of things to do that don’t take time and attention and leave me to get on with my main job (working for Milton Keynes Mortgage Brokers Visionary Finance) and family commitments. Prolific is great as it has more interesting surveys, and app wise i’m a massive fan of Attapoll.






I had to give up my job as an education technology specialist when I was 29 due to health issues caused mainly by EDS.  Having no income wasn’t fun so I looked for ways that I could earn online from home, something with no deadlines and low stress.  I came across an advert for Swagbucks and decided that I’d try it out.  To help enhance my earning potential, I joined the UK Swagbucks & More Facebook group and quickly found that connecting with other site users made earning much easier.  Once I discovered how much I could make from GPT sites, and got comfortable using them, I started a blog where I wrote guides to help others earn on the sites I use and here we are.
My favourite sites are: Swagbucks (for the mobile video apps and events); InstaGC (lots of surveys, passive earning options, weekly bonuses); and Prolific (simply laid out and no disqualifications, what more could you ask for?).





I’m a wife and mum to 3 boys. I got into survey sites in April last year and was using it as a way to save money for a family holiday. I wasn’t getting very far and only earning about £20 a month. Then in June I joined the Facebook Group and am now averaging £300 a month, and with only putting about 1 hour a day in total into it. The group is great for alerts and notifications when there are offers and competitions on, but also a friendly support network and there is always someone online who will reply to you. Although I work from home, having three kids can limit the amount of time I am able to spend on the survey sites. That is why I love passive earnings, and there are plenty of possibilities available to earn passively. My biggest earners are Swagbucks, InstaGC as there are so many different earning opportunities on these two. I also like Prolific, because the studies on this site are different and more engaging than other sites.