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GPT Sites that work in Ireland

Please note: the information in this post is for Ireland (Éire) not Northern Ireland. Some of the survey sites that we use do not always work in Ireland as it is not part of the UK.  Some sites work in Ireland but do not have the same features as they do in the UK.  Therefore, we decided to ask our Irish members about the best survey sites and apps you can make money from in Ireland. These are what they recommended. […]

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BeMyEye – a UK mystery shopping app – an overview

If you enjoy getting out and about, exploring new and old places, and making money for doing it, then Mystery Shopping may be for you. One of a few mystery shopping apps and sites that I use, BeMyEye is a great way to earn a little extra cash while shopping in places you probably usually shop anyway. What is BeMyEye? BeMyEye is a mystery shopping app, available on Android and ios – you can download it here. What is Mystery […]

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