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Prolific Academic announce NO FEE Paypal cashout!

Along with the sad news that Circle users would no longer be able to cashout on Prolific Academic (due to Circle closing down on 26th June 2019), there’s some good news for those of us cashing out to Paypal. Since Prolific started offering cashout option to Paypal, there has been a fee involved – well, no longer, as Prolific have announced that there will now be no more fees when cashing out to Paypal!     It appears that there’s still […]

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Happy 5th Birthday Prolific!

A big favourite among members of our GPT Genies Facebook Group, Prolific Academic are celebrating their 5th Birthday today! With surveys that are more interesting than the norm, great payouts (they recommend researchers set their pay to at least minimum wage) and instant cashout (after reaching £5) to Paypal, they’re a great addition to your GPT site portfolio. You’ll only be invited to surveys for which you actually qualify and they’ve really upped the ante of GPT sites since their […]

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Prolific Academic now testing INSTANT Paypal cashout!

One of the bugbears most of us have about GPT and survey sites is the fact that once we’ve reached that hard earned cashout threshold, we then have to wait to receive our payment. Of course, in the case of sites such as InstaGC, this isn’t the case to a certain point, but with many sites a wait of up to 10 working days can be possible. Academic survey site Prolific previously took a middle ground on this subject, with […]

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What time do GPT sites reset?

Many of our favourite sites are based in America and it can be confusing to work out when the sites reset, i.e. start a new day. This table should help by laying out the information in a clear way. Join the sites I recommend and start earning!   See next: Join our Facebook group for more tips and tricks.

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How to work out how much you’ll get if you cashout Prolific to PayPal or Circle

Unfortunately when you cash out to Paypal or Circle on some GPT sites, including Prolific Academic, there is a fee involved. But from the questions in our UK Swagbucks and More Facebook group, it seems that some people are confused about how much they will actually end up with. Here’s how to work it out: Cashing out to Paypal Prolific used to charge no fee on cashouts over £20 but unfortunately this is no longer the case. No matter how […]

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Prolific Assistant – Get alerted to new studies on Prolific

One of the biggest gripes in our Facebook Group about Prolific is the lack of studies, or missing out on studies. Unfortunately, Prolific doesn’t send emails alerting people of available studies, and they often fill up very quickly meaning that no matter how often you check in, you’re always just missing out. There are various options out there to remedy this problem, but the easiest option on a desktop / laptop is the Chrome extension Prolific Assistant. The Prolific Assistant […]

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