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Top 10 tips for Swago

There’s usually a Swago board each month.  You can find the current board by clicking here. The board almost always has the same rules, and contains very similar squares to the previous one, so I’ve put together a list of tips to help you get the best out of your board. Please follow and like us:

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The Swagbucks / MSE double Swag Bucks bonus is in!

    Morning people – hopefully lots of you waking up to your Swagbucks double points bonus from the MSE offer early in July 🙂   If you don’t have the points and you think you should have, here’s what to to   If you don’t have the points and don’t know if you should have them, these are points from a Money Saving Expert offer which ran from 4th – 11th July 2017. The offer was double swagbucks […]

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Swagbucks minitip – Earn Swagbucks from Just Eat!

How many of you on Swagbucks order food through Just Eat?  Did you know that you can get SB for this if you order through Swagbucks instead of using the Just Eat app?  You can do this on a phone or on a laptop/PC.  The payout varies from 1% to 2% but it’s a nice few extra sb in your pocket and might make you feel slightly less guilty about that double doner kebab 🙂 Simply search for Just Eat […]

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How much will I get when I cash out?

When you first start earning on GPT (Get Paid To, i.e. survey) sites, it can be confusing.  On some sites you accumulate points, other sites you’ll earn directly in GBP. I’ve listed some of the most popular sites used in our Facebook group with details of how you earn on them, how much your earnings are worth in £’s, and what the minimum cashout amount is. Please follow and like us:

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Swagbucks MSE Offer – I didn’t get my double swagbucks – what can I do?

Early in July 2017, Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert website offered a Swagbucks offer for new and current members alike. The premise was that on certain ‘transactions’ on the website for a week, members would receive Double SB, credited to their account on 20th August 2017. The offer was here but is now expired, obviously. No doubt this brought in a whole slew of new members, good for Swagbucks and good for MSE, who would be making money from this […]

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Running videos – is it worth the cost of the electricity?

This is a guest post by Jodie Webb, a member of our Facebook Group dedicated to Swagbucks, Mintvine, Prolific & more – come and join us and thank her! Worried about how much electricity you’re using, running videos on your phone, tablet or laptop at all hours of the day and night? It may not be costing you as much as you think! Whether you’re using Swagbucks, MintVine, GrabPoints, Perk TV, InstaGC, PrizeRebel, Earnably, EarnHoney or all of them and […]

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