Georgia’s GPT earning sites and apps

Hi, I’m Georgia and here’s how I make extra money online.

My name is Georgia and I live in the UK. I love animals and humanity and do my best to fight for a better world whenever I can. I started getting into GPT sites about a year ago. I found it hard to keep up with extra expensive and found myself struggling to keep up with buying Christmas and birthday presents for my nieces, nephews, godchildren, family and friends and it became a great source of anxiety for me. I searched for ways to make money online, and I came across the GPT Facebook group which has been a huge help to me. Now I am able to use the money and vouchers I get not only towards gifts for others but also towards treats for myself, as well as towards my supermarket shopping and bills. It has been a total life saver for me and I am so grateful for the group and wanted to share how I did it to help others. I get around 100-150 extra a month and I do not spend a great deal of time on them, so it is very worth my while and that extra help me out so much. 


Swagbucks is a great way to earn money, you can earn from doing surveys, play games, daily tasks, watching tv via a platform called hideout tv as well as searching the net and even cash back on genral shopping and grocery shopping. You can help influence the industry’s, I try and raise awareness on cruelty free products and try and show company’s there is a demand and how important it is to consumers like me that products are not tested on animals and that I care about a company’s ethical practise. I recently took part in a dishwasher study where I was sent free dishwasher tablets and given 1000sb (roughly £7) for giving my opinion. 

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YSense is similar to Swagbucks and I use them interchangeably to up my monthly income, the great thing about Ysense is that if you complete a streak, you are able to get plus 16% on top of your daily income which works out to be a nice bonus. Like Swagbucks you earn by doing surveys, study’s and playing games. 

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Love Rewards

This is the new kid on the block, I have been with them for a month a cashed out on 20 pounds amazon vouchers already with over 47 pounds pending. They send you multiple daily emails and you get paid just for clicking on them, if you take up an offer you get paid even more. They have many offers added daily, and you get paid for signing up and interacting with the advertiser. I also managed to get some bargains such as a personalised kids book and activity set worth over 30 pounds and I manged to get it for free, all I paid was just 2.99 postage and I even received 1 pound bonus for participating in the offer. I received a cooking set worth 15 pounds for free I just paid 1 pound postage and received my 1 pound back in bonuses. They have new things coming up too such as cashbacks and a chance to win daily prizes. They have different levels and you get paid more as you go up the levels. After your first withdrawal, you will make level 2 and receive a daily scratch card winning. This is fast become one of my favourite sites. You can cash out vouchers from many shops including amazon, just eat, john Lewis and much more and at level 3 you are able to withdraw cash to your bank.

You can join Love Rewards here

Feel free to pm me on Facebook if you would like a full list of all the sites I use.

Thanks for reading, and get in touch if you have any questions, no matter how small!

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