Helena Hulford’s GPT earning sites and apps

Hi, I’m Helena Hulford and here’s how I make extra money online.

Hi, I’m Helena Hulford and here’s how I make extra money online.
I’m a stay at home mum of 2 children, aged 8 and 5, I’m also disabled so getting a job is very difficult for me. I wanted to contribute something to the house as well. So I was glad when I found the following sites, as between these I make £100-150 a month without putting too much effort in. The money goes on treats, days out, takeaways, or stuff needed for the house. They’re easy to do, especially once you’ve got a routine and you can decide how much or little time you do. The more you do, the more you get out of it.


This one is the easiest to get into. There is the daily to do list, which when ticked off gives extra swagbucks. The apps that have videos that can just be run on a mobile, being checked on every so often to change apps as rounds end. Surveys which can pay well. You do get disqualified a bit when you don’t fit the criteria, but don’t let that dishearten you as some of those surveys are really worth the disqualifications. You can cash out from 480SB Amazon voucher. You can do PayPal, MasterCard, as well as many other options.

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This one is harder to start, as that first 500 points can come slow. Perseverance pays off though! As once you have those first 500, more earning opportunities open up. There is playlists for passive earning which can be left to run. There are loads of survey opportunities just on the recommended Instagc page, let alone anywhere else. Chat is great to watch to see what others are doing well with, along with the ticker. Cashout to PayPal can be any amount in dollars, or there is MasterCard and many gift cards to choose from. You do have to cash out $50 in other rewards before PayPal opens up though.
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I really like this one. The surveys do go quickly as they only have so many spaces, but they are usually interesting and different to the normal ones. Once you’ve answered all the prescreening questions (there are alot!) you’ll get matched to surveys. And because of the questions, it means you don’t usually get disqualified. Payout is to PayPal when balance is £5 or higher. Fees are taken though. First cashout takes some time, but then they are instant after that except Christmas/New year.
You can join Prolific here

Apps I use

Alongside the sites, I use Vypr, Citizen Me, Qmee, among others and a few receipt apps. They earn you smaller amounts, but they don’t take very long at all. Feel free to pm me on Facebook if you would like a full list.

Thanks for reading, and get in touch if you have any questions, no matter how small!

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