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Swagbucks Swago minitip – ticking off those boxes

If you’re having trouble ticking off Swago boxes, here are a few tips: – if it’s the ‘attempt a survey’ box, remember you have to be actually disqualified from a GOLD (not peanut labs) survey – not just told it’s not suitable for you. You need to have started the survey, answered a few questions and then disqualified. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think a ‘we’ve hit max capacity’ counts – If it’s the ‘get a referral’ […]

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Prolific checklist – have you done all of this?

If you’re signed up to Prolific and a member of our Facebook group then the chances are you’ve asked in there why you’re getting no surveys 🙂 Here’s a quick and easy checklist to go through to make sure you have the best chance of getting / seeing surveys on Prolific and making some easy money. 1) Make sure you’re signed up as a Participant, not a Researcher 2) THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you have completed your prescreening questions […]

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VYPR app for Android & iPhone – a quick FAQ

Over on our Facebook group we’re often asked questions about the iPhone and Android app VYPR – here are a few along with answers usually given in group, in order to keep everything in the same place for future reference. I can’t find the VYPR app, can you send me a referral link? There are no referral links available for VYPR at the moment, and it does seem quite difficult to find in app stores, so here are the links […]

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Swagbucks minitip – autorun nCraves

Swagbucks nCraves – if you have a laptop / PC you can get a few extra SB by running nCraves. I tend to only run the ones that autorun and either leave them running in another window (hovering my cursor over them in between doing other stuff to keep them running) or leave them running with the cursor in the window while I make coffee / have breakfast etc. The images here show you: 1) Autorun ncraves to choose 2) […]

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