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Nicola’s GPT earning sites and apps

Hi, I’m Nicola and here’s how I make extra money online. Hi I’m Nicola I am a single working mum and have a 4 year old daughter and a big nursery Bill and a full time job. I have been doing survey sites now for 2 years and can honestly say they have been an absolute god send to me and without them I would be struggling to makes ends meet and treat me and my daughter.    I don’t […]

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Barbara Schmitt’s GPT earning sites and apps

Hi, I’m Barbara Schmitt and here’s how I make extra money online. Hi, I’m Barbara and I live in Dublin. I have been doing GTP for a little over a year to earn some extra money for holidays and the occasional gift to myself. In 2018 I earned £755 (or about £65 a month on average) with not too much effort and work that can be easily fit around your schedule, even if you – like me – are working […]

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Louise’s GPT earning sites and apps

Hi, I’m Louise and here’s how I make extra money online. Hi I’m Louise I have a 2 year old son and 3 crazy cats which i wouldn’t change for all the tea in China. I’m currently a stay at home parent until my little boy goes to full time nursery when he is 4. I have been doing survey sites now for 2 years and can honestly say they have been an absolute god send to me and my […]

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100 extra spins for all Swagbucks Swago participants!

  It wouldn’t be Swagbucks Swago without something going wrong, now would it? UK participants were pretty upset this week when they realised that although the Swago board looked pretty much the same as usual, one thing was missing – many of the squares didn’t earn spins on the Spin and Win wheel as in previous iterations of the Swagbucks bingo like game. While this may not seem like much of an issue, with prizes on the wheel including 2500 […]

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Wrap up this winter and get up to 300 bonus SB with the new Swagbucks Warm Up Swago!

  The cold weather has hit, in some places it is beginning to snow, which means it is time to dig out those mittens and scarves. Hopefully the latest Swagbuck’s Winter Edition Swago will also help you to Warm Up. You could earn up to 300 SB in the new Swagbucks “Swago” promotion starting Monday, 21st January at 8am GMT. In order to get the most out of the Swago Board you will need to  install the SwagButton, download the Swagbucks Answer […]

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86SB up for grabs with the Let It Snow Collector’s Coins Challenge

  The temperature has really dropped, and with the holidays over, the cold, makes it even harder to get out of bed and back into routine. The only thing you can look forward to with this weather is a bit of snow. If you haven’t had any snow yet, maybe the latest Swagbucks Collector’s Coins challenge will provide you with an icy treat. Will you be able to find all 6 Let It Snow Collector’s Coins and earn a 20 SB Bonus? Make […]

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Earn up to 100SB Bonus with Swagbucks’ new Winter Getaway Team Challenge

  The Winter Getaway Team Challenge begins Monday, January 14th at 8AM GMT and ends on Saturday, January 18th at 7:59AM GMT. What’s a team challenge? Well, Swagbucks Monthly Team challenges allow you to play on a team with other Swaggernauts (Swagbucks Members) where you contribute points to your team by earning SB! Join the Winter Getaway Team Challenge now! Each Challenge can have different ways to contribute points. The Monster Mash Team Challenge allows you to contribute points to your team by:   Answer Complete […]

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Get a 19 SB Collector’s Coin to help you ring in the New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! To wish all members a Happy New Year, Swagbucks have a special New Year Collector’s Coin available worth 19SB and a 5 SB bonus! That’s right, out with the old and in with the new, in 2019 Collector’s Bills will now be Collector’s Coins. Search via Swagbucks and try and find your first Collector’s Coin. Collector’s Coins are similar to Collector’s Bills and are special designed that you win randomly while searching the web with Swagbucks’ Yahoo-powered search engine.  Search […]

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Make more money with Your Surveys from Prize Rebel!

With only 2 weeks left of 2018, fab GPT site Prize Rebel are helping you to see out the year with.. well, maybe not a bang, but a raft of extra points, that’s for sure! If you use sites such as InstaGC, Earnably and Keep Rewarding, you’ll be aware that there are daily surveys (called Your Surveys) to be completed. Some of these can be completed once a day, some of them more, and they can range in time from […]

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Missing Tap DQ points on InstaGC? Say “Hello” to SaySo Rewards

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed a new survey wall on InstaGC this morning – SaySo Rewards: I’ve been playing around with this since last night, and while it’s not the perfect replacement for Tap (and I’m specifically talking about the DQ points received from Tap if you can’t complete a survey), it’s not too shabby. Not on InstaGC? You’re missing out – join now by clicking the image below! So what do I do? In the first […]

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