We often get asked which products we recommend for use when earning on GPT sites.  Things like what phones are good for running videos, what laptops are good for surveys, and so on.  To help you out, we’ve curated some of the best ideas suggested in our Facebook group and put them in one place, along with a few other suggestions that will make your GPT life much easier.

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Featured Products:


To use GPT sites and apps effectively, it helps to have a spare phone or two. This stops your main phone being tied up all day with video apps etc. It also means that all the space on your main phone isn’t taken up with cookies and GPT apps, as well as allowing you to use VPNs like Mobile Expressions to earn more money without compromising your GPT accounts.


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Laptops Etc:

A laptop doesn’t have to cost the earth, and many of the GPT sites have far more offers if you are on a laptop than if you’re on a tablet or a phone – here are just some laptops and accessories we can recommend.


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Trying to work on GPT sites on a tiny phone screen can be a nightmare, so it’s always worth investing in a low priced tablet that will run video apps or allow you to work on the sites while not tying up your phone (or leaving your phone free to do other things):


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Lots of surveys ask if you’re willing to be filmed, but not every laptop / PC has a webcam. Webcam surveys are usually quick and offer good points, so a few pounds on a good webcam is a worthwhile investment:


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Some surveys also ask you to speak out loud while taking them, and others offer incentives for Skype calls etc. If your computer or webcam doesn’t have a built in microphone, these headphones will do the job: 


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Laptop Desks / Coolers:

Running multiple video streams and screens on a laptop can be pretty hard on the hardware, and often we hear reports of laptops just not being able to cope and overheating to the point of shutdown. These desks and coolers will keep your laptop cool and avoid those untimely restarts:


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Other Recommended products:

These are things that don’t really fit into the other categories but can be very helpful to the GPT site user:


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Just For Fun: 

Most of us agree that GPT sites and apps can at times be stressful and frustrating – add some humour into your day with our funny picks below: 


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