GPT Genies Referrals Workshop

Earning on survey sites and apps is great as a side hustle for extra income. Referring people to those sites and apps is a great way to boost your income, especially on sites where you earn a lifetime bonus of all of your referrals’ earnings. Getting referrals can be hard though, and keeping them motivated is even harder. That is why throughout March we will be running a Referrals Workshop

This will be an intense workshop teaching you not only how, where and when to get referrals, but also how to keep them motivated and earning on the sites. 

We will be offering one to one tips and advice for setting up ads, as well as the opportunity to join an exclusive community of people that will share past experiences, what has and hasn’t worked well for them. 

Not only is each week packed with loads of helpful advice, but there will be mini challenges each week as well. Don’t worry if you struggle with the challenges we will be on hand to offer support and advice.

Week One- Writing Referral ads

This week is focused on how to write referral ads. We will work on how to make those ads specific and relatable to you, and also how to alter them to make them more encouraging for people to join. By the end of the week you will have several well written ads ready to be posted in various places.


Week Two – Where and When to get referrals.

This week will focus on different places you can look to get referrals to sites. Using the ads created in week one we will guide you on where and when to place those ads to get them seen and start people signing up with your links.


Week Three- Getting your referrals earning

By this week you should already have several new referrals to various sites. It is all well and good signing someone up for a site, but if you want to earn extra on a monthly basis from those referrals, you need to keep them motivated and earning.


Week Four- Time saving tips and tricks

Getting referrals can be very time consuming, posting ads, responding to messages, chasing referrals. This week will provide you with loads of helpful tips and advice to save you time, so you can put more focus into actually earning for yourself without having to chase your referrals constantly. 

How Much Does It Cost?

This course is free for all members that currently have an active referral page with us. If you don’t have an active referral page then for just £1 you can get yourself a page. Having a referral page is highly recommended for this course as it will make writing ads so much quicker and easier as you will be able to refer to more than one site at a time. Read more about referral pages here.

The cost of the course if you don’t have a referral page is just £2. Whilst we have run several free courses in the past, this one is aimed at helping people who have referral pages with us, as a sort of membership perk. We wanted to keep it open and available to everyone though, even if they don’t have a referral page. The amount of personal one to one advice received on this course will be a lot more than any of the previous courses run in the past though. 

How do I sign up?

If you already have a referral page, then just sign up using the form below.

Don’t have a referral page already you can purchase one for just £1 (recommended as will come in handy on the course). You can read more about referral pages here.

If you don’t want a referral page though then you can sign up to take part in the course for £2

Below, select which option you prefer and payment can be made securely through Paypal . Once purchased fill out the form below to enrol yourself onto the course.


Referral Workshop


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