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New Daily Promo Codes With HideoutTV!

  HideoutTV have announced that their daily promo code scheme is now live. Access HideoutTV, watch at least one video, and you will see a filled-in one use promo code on the Watch page under Rewards. Click add and the points will be added to your account. Available once a day, up to 9 points a day. What is Hideout TV? HideoutTV also allows you to earn rewards from your favorite sites, games, and apps by linking your viewing activity to […]

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Get a 5% bonus on surveys from Prize Rebel!

Prize Rebel are treating us for the next day or so to a 5% bonus on surveys taken on the site! That might not sound like much, but as we all know, with GPT sites, every little adds up! To get the bonus you need to register for it – then take any surveys that are available to you to get a 5% bonus on each one! Not on Prize Rebel yet? Click the image below to join. Think about […]

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Make more money with Your Surveys from Prize Rebel!

With only 2 weeks left of 2018, fab GPT site Prize Rebel are helping you to see out the year with.. well, maybe not a bang, but a raft of extra points, that’s for sure! If you use sites such as InstaGC, Earnably and Keep Rewarding, you’ll be aware that there are daily surveys (called Your Surveys) to be completed. Some of these can be completed once a day, some of them more, and they can range in time from […]

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Ramp up your InstaGC bonus task points with Kuiko Videos! ** Updated

** Update – please note that some things have changed since this post was written. Currently (23/10/2018) Kuiko videos no longer run for 11 cycles and have to be restarted after each 3 minute cycle. The value also seems to be changing from 0.11 to 0.06 points. This may or may not change in the future, we’ll keep you updated. ** One of the things I love about InstaGC is the 2 bonuses they give their members every week – […]

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Get extra points with search wins on InstaGC

A great way to get a few extra points a day on InstaGC is via search wins. Although I use Swagbucks search as my main search, I often pop over to InstaGC to do a few searches, and can usually get 3-4 search wins a day without too much hassle. You can install a browser plugin that makes InstaGC your default search engine, but as I have Swagbucks search installed, I just visit the search the web page to search. […]

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More Easy Ways to Earn on InstaGC – ** Updated

** Update – Swagbucks Instant Surveys no longer appear on InstaGC Trial Pay Tap ** instaGC is one of my favourite GPT sites.  The site is simple to navigate and easy to use.  There are many different tasks that you can complete to earn points, including several passive ways (my favourites). A few months ago, I wrote a post where listed some of the easiest ways to build up your points.  In this post, I’ll be going through some other […]

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