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Numerous cash prizes worth over £190 to be won this October with the GPT Genies!

This October, we have Numerous cash prizes up for grabs totalling £190. Will you be one of our lucky winners in our latest competition (which, you guessed it, is sponsored by Numerous)? Numerous is a brand new cashback app that has only just been released, you can read more about it here. They would like you, our GPTGenies Members, to be beta testers of the app. As a thank you, they are offering £190 in cash prizes throughout the month. […]

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Cashback earning app Numerous – a quick FAQ

It’s October and GPTers are starting to earn for Christmas!  In this post I’d like to talk about Numerous What is Numerous? Numerous is a new cashback app – letting you get paid for the purchases you’d make anyway. They’re currently in beta and looking for your help to launch.  Where can I get Numerous? You can get it on Android here You can get it for iOS here Use the refferal code XJFT2NFPP8 when signing up as we have £190 worth […]

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INSTANT cashback with Shop and Spend at Swagbucks!

  In April, Swagbucks launched their Member Recognition Program to all members. The Program is their way to celebrate Members’ loyalty to Swagbucks, based on lifetime SB earned.  When they first launched the Member Recognition Program, they mentioned that new benefits would be rolling out in the coming months. Well, today they’ve announced that level 6-10 members have a new exclusive benefit.  As of today, you can now get real-time access to your pending shopping SB for transaction(s) up to 1,000 SB […]

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