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Earn £30 a month with Swagbucks with very little effort

The reason why Swagbucks is the site suggested to start with first is because it is incredibly easy to begin starting to earn from. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to put into the site. Read on to see how you can earn £30 a month with very little effort on Swagbucks.  The table above details what you need to do to earn a minimum  £30 a month from Swagbucks. Most of what is in the table should […]

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Earn £40 A Month With Very Little Effort From Swagbucks ** Updated

** Update – Swagbucks recently changed a few things, so it’s worth reading Changes to the Swagbucks video apps as they are no longer worth 60/70 sb per day. ** Wondering if there is any money really to be made with Survey Sites? Well with Swagbucks there is. The more time you have to put into the site the more money you will earn from it, and I make around £100 a month from this site alone. Don’t have the time, […]

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More Easy Ways to Earn on InstaGC – ** Updated

** Update – Swagbucks Instant Surveys no longer appear on InstaGC Trial Pay Tap ** instaGC is one of my favourite GPT sites.  The site is simple to navigate and easy to use.  There are many different tasks that you can complete to earn points, including several passive ways (my favourites). A few months ago, I wrote a post where listed some of the easiest ways to build up your points.  In this post, I’ll be going through some other […]

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InstaGC: Quick Tip – Decimal Pot

As well as sweepstakes, InstaGC offers contests. One of these, the Decimal Pot, works in a similar way to the sweepstakes. Please note: In order to enter the Decimal Pot, your account must be fully set up & verified and, you must be an “active user”, i.e. you have earned more than 500 points. Read on to see how the Decimal Pot works.

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Weekly Bonus – instaGC: What’s This?

A couple of weeks ago, instaGC introduced a new weekly bonus. This replaces the weekly contests This bonus is a great way to get a few extra points each week and encourages users to be more active on the site. What is the Weekly Bonus? The Weekly Bonus allows users to earn a bonus of up to 5% on both their own earnings and their referrals’ earnings each week. The Weekly Bonus you get each week depends on how many “Bonus […]

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