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Swagbucks Quick Tip – Answer All The Profile Questions

Surveys are renowned for disqualifying you, especially when you are new to a site. This is because they have to build up a profile about you, and then after a while you are more likely to get sent surveys that pertain to you and you disqualify less. With Swagbucks, one way of doing this is by answering the profile questions. These can be found when you are on the Gold Surveys page, and on the right hand side.  On mobile, […]

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Swagbucks Quick Tip – Putting the Swagcode into the Swagbutton

A bit of confusion about the putting the swag code in via the swagbutton to tick off a square on swago today. This needs to be done on a laptop or desktop computer, you can’t get the extension on a phone. First you need to install the swagbutton on your Chrome browser Then click on the swagbutton:     Then click the swagcode link and insert the code: This should tick off the square. Not on Swagbucks yet? Come and […]

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Swagbucks: Quick Tip – Revenue Universe Surveys

The surveys on Revenue Universe can be a great little earner. As they are on an offer wall, they credit as Discover offers rather than Surveys (Answer). To find the surveys, go to Swagbucks —> Discover —> Revenue Universe.  Then click on the overconfident man with a laptop.  If you’re on a mobile, or tablet, you may have to request the desktop site to see the survey button. Please follow and like us:

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Facebook minitip – How to search in a group

You may see the same questions being posted again and again on a large group: a good way to be sure your post isn’t the 15th time that question has been posted today is to quickly search the group first. To do this on a laptop/PC, there is a search field on the left of the group:  To do this on the app, click the search icon (1st pic below) and ensure that you are ‘searching within the group (2nd […]

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Facebook minitip – getting notifications of posts in groups

It seems that some people are missing out on notifications from the Facebook group – in order to be alerted every time a new post is put in the group, the best thing to do is edit your notification settings. On the Facebook website, this is under ‘notifications’ at the top – simply tick ‘all posts’. On the Facebook app you need to click where it says ‘joined’, then ‘edit notifications’ and tick ‘all posts’. This will ensure you get […]

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