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Looking for referrals for GPT sites? Step 1 – writing an ad

Referrals can be the life blood of your earnings  In this and future posts I’m going to explain and hopefully help you to make the most of referrals.. We’re going to cover various things, starting with: Writing different types of ads Where to find referrals Using social media to best effect ‘Alternative’ places to find referrals Keeping your referrals engaged Why referrals don’t earn and more! I’ll try and keep the ‘business speak’ to a minimum, but let’s face it, […]

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Swagbucks – November Referral Bonuses are in!

One of the things that I love about Swagbucks is their Referral Bonuses. If someone you refer earns 300 qualifying Swag Bucks during the calendar month they join, both they and you get a 300sb Bonus. So, if you get 30sb referral earnings from your referral in the same month they join, you should receive a Bonus the following month (around the 5th/6th usually) And today they’re in! So if you referred someone in August and they earned over 300 qualifying sb, you […]

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An open letter to Prolific Academic

*** EDITED TO ADD: Credit where credit is due, Prolific reached out to me not only here but also on Reddit, Facebook and by PM and email, and their response was brilliant. They hadn’t removed posts on Reddit at all, there was a delay in them showing and I jumped the gun – sorry guys! I have to say they’ve been fantastic in trying to resolve this – the referral system is back up and running and it sounds as […]

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Swagbucks minitip – How do I get my 300sb bonus from my referrals?

Most months, Swagbucks has a bonus scheme whereby if your referrals earn 300 qualifying sb in their first calendar month (eg the calendar month in which they sign up, not their first 30 days) both you and they get an extra 300sb around the 5th/6th of the following month. (If they also spend £25 via Shop and Earn, you’ll both get an extra 200sb, making 500sb) This is why I always say it’s better to get your referrals as early […]

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Referrals minitip – it’s not just your family and friends

Don’t forget that if you can get referrals on sites such as Swagbucks then you earn 10% of their earnings for life. Not only that, but if they earn 300sb in their first calendar month (not their first 30 days) then both you and they get a 300sb bonus at the beginning of the following month, so it’s worth having a think about how you could be getting referrals. It’s not just about people you know, I didn’t know ANY of […]

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Etiquette for getting referrals from Facebook groups

Just a quick reminder people, I know we all want to get referrals and one of the ways we do it is by posting in Facebook groups. However please be aware of he following if you do this: 1) Make sure that the group allows referral links – if you’re not sure, ask an admin 2) Do not just ‘drive by’ spam your link in the group – if you’re going to get points from a referral make sure you’re […]

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